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7 Offbeat Towns to Visit in Victoria

Victoria, a land where tales of bushrangers and gold rushes intertwine with rugged coastlines and whispering eucalyptus forests, invites the curious traveler to explore its less-trodden paths. This southeastern state of Australia, renowned for its rich history and diverse landscapes, is home to hidden gems that beckon with stories and sights as captivating as any folklore.

Imagine wandering through towns where the echoes of Ned Kelly's exploits still resonate, where gold mines once lured the hopeful, and where nature's wonders create awe-inspiring backdrops. In this exploration, we journey through seven offbeat towns in Victoria, each brimming with unique allure. From the haunting beauty of Beechworth's historic buildings, basking in the legacy of the gold rush era, to the enchanting maritime charm of Queenscliff, where Victorian architecture meets the wild Southern Ocean, these towns are treasure troves of cultural and natural splendor. 


Historic Beechworth town center on a warm summer day in Victoria, Australia
Historic Beechworth town center on a warm summer day in Victoria, Australia, via FiledIMAGE /

Beechworth, a jewel in Victoria's High Country, captivates visitors with its gold rush-era grandeur and contemporary flair. The town's meticulously preserved 19th-century streetscape, led by the Beechworth Historic Courthouse, has witnessed some of Australia's most significant legal moments, including the trials of Ned Kelly and his gang. Walking down Ford Street, you're surrounded by a time capsule of Australia's past, with historic pubs, antique stores, and the famous Beechworth Bakery, known for its delightful array of pastries and pies.

Yet, Beechworth's charm extends beyond its historical narrative. The surrounding landscape, marked by the Beechworth Historic Park, offers a natural retreat with its cascading waterfalls, such as Woolshed Falls, and scenic hiking trails. The town is also a gateway to gourmet experiences, boasting renowned wineries and local produce, including the famous Beechworth honey. Festivals like the Golden Horseshoes Festival and the Beechworth Music Festival bring the town to life, showcasing its vibrant community spirit and rich cultural heritage.


The quaint shopping precinct of the historic gold mining town of Walhalla, Victoria
The quaint shopping precinct of the historic gold mining town of Walhalla, Victoria, via Norman Allchin /

In the dense forests of Gippsland lies Walhalla, a town that once echoed with the hustle of gold rush fervor but now whispers tales of its rich past. As you wander along the town's solitary main street, you're greeted by historic buildings like the Star Hotel and the old post office, standing as testaments to the town's golden age. The Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine, now a fascinating tourist attraction, offers a glimpse into the challenging life of miners who once sought their fortunes deep beneath the earth.

Walhalla's natural setting is as intriguing as its history. The Walhalla Goldfields Railway takes you on a nostalgic journey through the scenic wilderness, while the Australian Alps Walking Track invites you to explore the raw beauty of the Victorian bush. For a truly immersive experience, overnight stays in historic cottages or the unique Star Hotel allow you to soak up the serene atmosphere and starlit nights of this enchanting town.

Port Fairy

Port Fairy on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria
Port Fairy on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria

Port Fairy, a picturesque coastal town, is a mosaic of historical charm and natural splendor. The town's maritime heritage is palpable along the Moyne River, where fishermen's boats dot the waters, and the 19th-century bluestone buildings now house cafes, galleries, and boutiques. The Griffiths Island Lighthouse, accessible by a walking path, not only offers stunning views but is also a symbol of the town's rich maritime past.

The town is a sanctuary for nature lovers. Griffiths Island, a short walk from the town center, is a breeding ground for the short-tailed shearwater birds, offering spectacular bird-watching opportunities. The annual Port Fairy Folk Festival transforms the town into a cultural epicenter, drawing artists and music enthusiasts from across the globe. Moreover, Port Fairy's culinary scene, with its emphasis on fresh seafood and local produce, epitomizes the town's connection with the sea and the land.


Historic Victorian architecture in the old gold mining town of Maldon, Victoria
Historic Victorian architecture in the old gold mining town of Maldon, Victoria, viaFiledIMAGE /

Maldon, recognized as Australia's first notable town by the National Trust, is a living testament to the nation's gold rush era. Its main thoroughfare, High Street, is lined with well-preserved buildings that hark back to the 1850s. Attractions like the Maldon Vintage Machinery Museum and the operational Victorian Goldfields Railway offer immersive experiences into the town's rich industrial heritage. The Maldon Folk Festival, celebrated annually, fills the streets with music, dance, and a display of local arts and crafts.

The town's artistic spirit thrives in its galleries and studios, where local artists showcase their work, capturing the essence of this historic town and its picturesque surroundings. Nature enthusiasts will find solace in the panoramic views from Mount Tarrengower and the myriad of walking trails that snake through the bushland. Maldon's commitment to preserving its past while embracing the present makes it a unique destination, offering a blend of historical intrigue and contemporary culture.


Castlemaine town hall, which was completed in 1898
Castlemaine town hall, which was completed in 1898, via Nils Versemann /

Castlemaine stands as a vibrant testament to Victoria's gold rush history, now transformed into a center of artistic and culinary innovation. The town's cultural heart beats in its Art Gallery, hosting significant collections of Australian art, and the Historic Museum, which delves into the local history. The Theatre Royal, a beautifully restored venue, offers a diverse program of live performances, films, and community events.

The town’s gastronomic scene is equally rich, characterized by a strong focus on local and sustainable produce. Weekly farmers' markets, quirky cafes, and fine dining restaurants showcase the best of the region's offerings. The Castlemaine Diggings National Heritage Park, encompassing relics from the gold mining era set against the backdrop of natural bushland, provides an intriguing outdoor adventure for visitors. This combination of heritage, art, and nature makes Castlemaine a unique destination, reflecting the creative spirit of its community.


Streetscape of the tiny gold rush era township of Clunes, Victoria
Streetscape of the tiny gold rush era township of Clunes, Victoria, via Norman Allchin /

Clunes, nestled in the heart of Victoria's Central Highlands, is celebrated for its historical architecture and as a prominent book town. The Clunes Booktown Festival annually transforms the streets into a bustling hub of literature, attracting bibliophiles and authors alike. The town's historic landmarks, like the Clunes Town Hall and the Clunes Museum, are pivotal in understanding the town's journey from a gold rush epicenter to a cultural haven.

The town's picturesque setting, surrounded by rolling hills and pastoral landscapes, offers more than literary pursuits. Nature trails in the nearby Creswick Regional Park provide opportunities for bushwalking and birdwatching, while local vineyards and farm gates offer a taste of regional produce. Clunes represents a perfect harmony of cultural depth and natural beauty, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a tranquil yet enriching experience.


Fort Queenscliff Lighthouse
Fort Queenscliff Lighthouse, via Dans Destinations /

Queenscliff, perched at the entrance to Port Phillip Bay, is a seaside town steeped in Victorian elegance and maritime history. Architectural landmarks like the grand Vue Grand hotel and the historic Queenscliff Fort provide a glimpse into the town's opulent past. The Queenscliff Maritime Museum, celebrating the town's seafaring legacy, adds another layer to its rich historical tapestry.

The town is not only about history; it is also a hub for marine adventures and relaxation. Dolphin and seal watching tours offer memorable encounters with marine wildlife, while the serene beaches provide a perfect setting for relaxation and family fun. The nearby Bellarine Peninsula is renowned for its vineyards and culinary delights, complementing Queenscliff’s own array of seafood restaurants and cafes. Queenscliff's blend of historical intrigue and contemporary leisure activities make it an ideal destination for a diverse range of interests.

In Conclusion

Each of these towns in Victoria offers a unique glimpse into the state’s diverse heritage, culture, and natural beauty. Far from the usual tourist trails, they provide an authentic experience of what makes Victoria truly special – a blend of history, nature, and vibrant community life. Whether seeking a quiet retreat or an enriching cultural journey, these offbeat towns are sure to leave an indelible mark on any traveler's heart.

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