Savannah, Georgia.

11 Most Charming Small Towns In Georgia

Georgia is known for its historical significance, with many coasts and islands to relax on. From the first footstep into one of these towns, one will be enveloped in the charms of history and natural wonders of the South.

Tybee Island

Tybee Island
Lighthouse in Tybee Island.

Twenty minutes from Savannah, Tybee Island is a sea and sand escape with pristine wide beaches to relax on in tranquility to the sounds of the waves. This real gem of Georgia was a historic home to Native Americans, found by the Spaniards and established part of the Georgia colony in 1704. The island's notable historic landmarks include the Tybee Island Lighthouse & Museum, which is the tallest and oldest lighthouse in the state, and the Cockspur Island Lighthouse as the state's smallest. The Tybee Island Pier & Pavilion from 1891 that was destroyed in a fire and rebuilt in 1996 for the Summer Olympics, and the Fort Pulaski National Monument, are both historically significant.

Easily accessible from the big cities and across the border, it is evident that the residents of these towns know exactly how to appease to any tourist's taste. Upon paying a visit, one will be left with an unforgettable sense of serenity from the beaches and relaxation spots, and true wonders from the endless amount of historical sights, significant to the state's past.

Cave Spring

Cave Spring city hall
City Hall in Cave Springs.

Another water-filled town, Northwest Georgia's Cave Spring, is known to have the purest, best-tasting water around, making it a great cleansing spot. The famed spring, producing two million gallons of water a day, is carved into a 57-degree limestone cave in the Rolater Park. The shallow stream and pond filled with overflow make a great resting or meditation spot, to further feel the effects of water on the body. The same water feeds into a swimmable artificial Rolater Lake, shaped like the state of Georgia. The town also has a revitalized village square, the Veterans Plaza, while the Georgia Pinhoti Trail System connects Alabama to the Appalachian Trail for the active.


Old Courthouse in Covington. Editorial credit: Enforcer 1 /

One may recognize the little-heard-of town of Covington from the motion pictures "The Dukes of Hazzard," "In the Heat of the Night," and "Sweet Magnolias." Having starred in over 140 films, it is also the famous Mystic Falls town from "The Vampire Diaries." Postcard-worthy, its Newton County Courthouse is an iconic structure listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The center of the beautiful town is filled with stardom-related entertainment, including the Mystic Falls Tours, with Main Street Trolleys offering all sights at a hand's reach.


Darien Georgia
Fort King George near Darien. 

Darien, a great port turned into a quaint fishing town, is situated 50 miles south of Savannah and about as much to Jacksonville. The town is also a boat ride away from the deserted beaches and the historic Reynolds Mansion of Sapelo Island. For history fans, there is the Fort King George Historic Site, home to the oldest English fort on Georgia's coast, and Fort Morris State Historic Site from the Revolutionary war. As the second oldest community in Georgia, its Oglethorpe-designed squares with stately churches and historic homes reflect the town's past. Darien Waterfront Park offers scenic river-view strolls, while the Old Jail Art Center combines history and art by local artists. 


Ellijai, Georgia
View of Ellijay.

The state's apple capital, Ellijay, comes with countless orchards and an annual Georgia Apple Festival in October. The beloved-by-tourists Mountain Treasures store on the vibrant main street sells quintessential outfit pieces along with a sample selection of wines from Cartecay Vineyards and moonshine. The serene Carter's Lake offers a pontoon boat rent at the marina, with 62 miles of natural shoreline to explore. Several leisurely trails also lead around the lake for a scenic walk, while the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail on the nearby Springer Mountain makes the town an excellent pit-stop for adventurous hikers. 

Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island
Beach on Jekyll Island, Georgia, USA.

As one of the Golden Isles of Georgia's barrier islands, Jekyll Island of 5,500 acres comes with a 10-mile shoreline to explore, the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, and the prettiest beach in the state, the Jekyll Island's Driftwood Beach is unlike any other. In its deep history, the island was home to Native Americans, colonized in 1733, with prospering plantations until the end of the Civil War. Considered the best small charming town by many, the weather, the scenic open spaces, and the wide sandy make it a dream getaway for anyone seeking true relaxation with endless water views from the island's shorelines. 

Lookout Mountain

Lookout mountain
Lookout Mountain, Georgia, USA at High Falls during autumn.

Sitting at the border with Tennessee as part of the beloved Chattanooga metropolitan area, this unique town is home to some "nuances of nature," the famous Rock City set 1,700 feet above sea level with a 100-foot waterfall. Open year-round, it is easily accessible from both states, with visitors fleeing to see these gorgeous historic rock formations from much further. The summertime Lookout Mountain festival contains gardens to bask in the sun and starry nights filled with fun.


Old state capital building for Georgia, in Milledgeville.

This unsung Southern town comes with a storied history rooted in Georgia's transformation from a colony into a state as its capital city. Historical buildings and various museums, such as Andalusia, Georgia's Old Governor's Mansion, and Georgia's Old Capital Museum offer to tell the whole tale. Home to Georgia College, the town is a charming representation of its citizens with a youthful atmosphere and upbeat energy. Called the prettiest town in the state, it makes it a bucket-list item on a pursuit for a pleasure-filled, from every angle, getaway.


Skyline of Savannah. 

A coastal town with manicured parks, pre-war architecture, and cobblestoned squares throttled by horse-drawn carriages, Savannah, offers a perfectly charming southern escape. The stunning Historic District, a dream-come-true Victorian District with beautiful architecture, and the Starland District combining quaint and beautiful with a darker side of scary ghost tours and historic cemeteries appease any taste. The Gothic-Revival Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist is a must-stop, while the center town is known for its unique finds in artisan products.


Senoia, Georgia. Editorial credit: Joseph Sohm /

While in the Woodbury town from The Walking Dead TV show, Senoia, it is imperative that one takes a Walking Dead tour with a cup-o-joe from the Senoia Coffee and Café or visits the real-life Woodbury Coffee House. The Nic and Normans, owned by Walking Dead producers and actors, is a perfect dinner stop before continuing zombie-themed shopping on the main street. The town has also been the backdrop for Sweet Home Alabama and Fried Green Tomatoes blockbusters. The Veranda Bed & Breakfast Inn is a 1906 Greek Revival mansion with original decor, while the overall unhurried pace and unique atmosphere of the town transports one into the bygone era. 


Brunswick, Georgia.

The idyllic seaside town of Brunswick brims with maritime charm and history, apparent in its atmosphere and inscribed into the attractions. Set on Georgia's southeast coast, the mainland port inspires romantic walks to look out longingly into the sea, with docking and shipping-off vessels. The Mary Ross Waterfront Park, along with the Lover's Oak, make for a fun and pleasure-filled time for the whole family. There are also many restaurants serving hearty local specials to recharge after a day spent in the salty air. More adventurers on the neighboring Golden Isles await the curious.  

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