World Leaders In Gooseberry Production

Gooseberries growing on a tree.
Gooseberries growing on a tree.

The gooseberry bush is a species of the genus Ribes that produces an edible fruit that is cultivated on both a commercial and domestic basis. Gooseberry is native to parts of Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Cultivation Of Gooseberries

Gooseberries might be propagated via both sexual and asexual means. The cuttings that are planted in the autumn season soon develop roots and within a few years, begins to bear fruits. The bushes should be regularly pruned to allow sunlight to reach the interiors for a healthy growth. Heavy use of nitrogen manure is discouraged as increased growth will ultimately weaken the plant and reduce its lifespan. Some notable cultivars of gooseberry accredited by the Royal Horticultural Society include 'Greenfinch', 'Invicta', 'Whinham's Industry’, etc.

Production Of Gooseberries

The gooseberry bush is cultivated in many parts of the world. Indonesia was the top producer of gooseberries in 2013 with a production of 18,300,000 tons. Next in gooseberry production is another Southeast Asian nation, Philippines. The country produced 15,354,334 tons of gooseberry in 2013. India is the world’s third largest gooseberry producer with a production of 11,930,000 tons.

Nutritional Value Of Gooseberry

Gooseberries provide 44 calories in a 100 g serving. The fruits are an excellent source of vitamin C. The berries have a water content of 88%, 10% carbohydrate, and less than 1% of fat and protein.

Uses Of Gooseberries

Gooseberries can be eaten raw or can be added to several dishes. The berries are used as an ingredient in the preparation of pies, crumbles, desserts, etc. Sodas, milk, flavored waters might also have gooseberry additives. The berries can also be used to prepare jams and pickles. They can be sold as dried fruit.

World Leaders In Gooseberry Production

RankArea Production Value (in tons)
5Sri Lanka2,513,000
6Viet Nam1,303,826
7Papua New Guinea1,207,500
11United Republic of Tanzania530,000
14Solomon Islands384,000
16Dominican Republic286,934
19China, mainland254,620

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