Which U.S. State Borders Only One Other State?

The US State of Maine Shares Its Borders With The US State of New Hampshire and The Canadian Provinces Of Quebec And New Brunswick.
The US State of Maine Shares Its Borders With The US State of New Hampshire and The Canadian Provinces Of Quebec And New Brunswick.

Maine is a state located in New England and situated in the United States. It is the 42nd populous state out of the 50 states of the United States of America. It shares its border with the US State of New Hampshire in the west. To the east is the Atlantic Ocean and the Canadian province of New Brunswick lie to the north and north-east. Quebec, another province in Canada is to the northwest of Maine. The US State is popularly known for its coastline, rolling mountains, seafood cuisine, mainly the lobster and the clams, its continental climate, etc.

Maine and New Hampshire

As mentioned earlier, Maine borders with one state in the US that is New Hampshire. The border near the coastal region encompasses fishing villages, lighthouses, beaches, and shore islands. There are many inlets, bays, and rocky cliffs while further inland, one can find various rivers, mountains, and forest areas. The Piscataqua River that is along this border has an important ocean port. This river along with the Salmon Falls River defines the southern portion of the Maine-New Hampshire border. There is a highway from New Hampshire to Maine, which runs through the US Route No. 2 in the east-west direction in the Coos County. This highway intersects Route 16, and passes through the White Mountain National Forest and Jefferson and finally to the Vermont.

Maine and The Canadian Provinces

There is an International Bridge that runs from Maine city to the Canadian province, which is also known as the Edmundston-Madawaska Bridge. The bridge that is near the town of Edmunstun, New Brunswick, crosses through U.S Route 1 over the St. John’s River. It not only facilitates traveling but is also important from the economic point of view as it supports the paper pulp mills, which is one of the vital industries in this region.The Aroostook War and the 1842 Treaty between the US and the British government made the final decision regarding the borders of Maine with two of the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec. As per the decision, an international border divided the community of the Upper St. John River Valley. The French population that resides along the Maine border with Quebec has also come from the Canadian province between the years 1840 and 1930. This fact is the reason the State of Maine has the highest number of French Speakers in the region. Quebec is also an important trading partner of Maine; both the towns have combined population of twenty million people, and their per capita income gives tough competition to that of the United States of America as a whole.

Bridging the Gap

The state of Maine in the past years has bridged the gap with its border state of New Hampshire and Canadian provinces of New Brunswick, and Quebec. The country has also established economic ties after many wars and treaties that have taken place between its border states. With the increase in tourism and the opening of transportation routes like rails, roads, airways and waterways, the trade ties have improved a lot.


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