Which Countries Are the Biggest Import Partners of Denmark?

In 2016, Denmark exported $82.2B in goods and imported $83.8B in goods.
In 2016, Denmark exported $82.2B in goods and imported $83.8B in goods.

Denmark is a strong country economically and has a complex economy. With such a robust economy Denmark needed a way to satisfy all the industrial needs within its borders. This need was met by importation. In 2016 the country exported $82.2B and imported goods worth $83.8B. This difference resulted in a negative trade balance of $1.54B. Denmark’s imports stand at an average of 19410.23 DKK Million from 1960 to 2017. This year marked the highest expenditure on imports at 55204.80 DKK Million in March while 1960 had the lowest expenditure on imports at 915 DKK Million.

Denmark’s Imports

Denmark imports different products from many countries. Some of the recorded imported products for the year 2016 include: machinery at 23%, assorted manufactured goods at 18%, manufactured goods categorized by materials at 14%, food, tobacco, live animals, and beverages at 14%, equipment used in transport at 9%, chemicals and their related products at 12%. To supply these needs Denmark has reliable, import trade allies. These partners are Germany (which supplies 21% of total importations), Sweden (accounts for 12% of the imports), the Netherlands and China (they both contribute about 8 percent each), and Norway and the UK (about 4% each).

Imports From Germany

German accounts for 21.4 % or 18.4 billion of Danish imports. In the order of the biggest volume, German’s trades to Denmark include machinery, cars, electronic tools, plastics pharmaceuticals, iron or steel products, animal feeds, medical apparatus, meat, and paper.

Imports From Sweden

Sweden is the second largest import partner of the country. It supplies 12.2% of Denmark’s total imports. These supplies amounted to 10.4 billion in 2016. The main imports include: electronic equipment, machinery, vehicles, mineral fuels including oil, plastics, paper, wood, furniture, lighting, signs, pharmaceuticals, iron, and steel.

Imports From the Netherlands

The Netherlands supplies Denmark with 8.0% of its imports which amount to about 6.8 billion. The imported recorded imports are: electronic equipment, machinery, vehicles, technical medical, equipment, pharmaceuticals, plastic, beverages, other chemical goods, iron or steel products, and rubber.

Imports From China

The imports from China amounted to 7.3% or 6.4 billion of Denmark’s total imports. Denmark imports the following goods from China: electronic equipment, machinery, clothing (that is not knit or crochet), furniture, lighting, signs, knit or crochet clothing, water vessels, iron or steel products, toys, games, plastics, and technical medical equipment.

Imports From Norway

Norway’s exports to Denmark accounted for 5.5% of the total imports. The major imported products are: mineral fuels including oil, fish, aluminum, machinery, live trees and plants, salt, sulphur, stone, cement, ships, boats, iron or steel products, pharmaceuticals, and electronic equipment.

Imports From the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom supplied 4.2 % of Denmark’s imports which amounted to 3.6 billion. The imports from the UK include: electronic equipment, machinery, vehicles, medical technical equipment, pharmaceuticals, plastics, beverages, other chemical goods, iron or steel products, and rubber.

Which Countries Are the Biggest Import Partners of Denmark?

RankCountry% of total imports
1 Germany21.4%
2 Sweden12.2%
3 Netherlands 8.0%
6 United Kingdom 4.2%

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