The Biggest Companies In Europe By Revenue

The oil and gas industry is lucrative in areas worldwide, including Europe.
The oil and gas industry is lucrative in areas worldwide, including Europe.

As of 2014, the Royal Dutch Shell, headquartered in the Netherlands, was the biggest European company by revenue. Europe boasts of some of the most developed economies in the world. Numerous companies based in European countries have grown to become multinationals with a major footprint in the global landscape.

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry is notably lucrative, and six of the biggest European companies trade in these natural resources. At the top of the hierarchy is the Royal Dutch Shell whose revenues amounted to $484,489 million. In 1907, two competing companies, namely the Royal Dutch Petroleum and the Shell Transport and Trading, came together to form the company. The former was based in the Netherlands while the latter had its headquarters in the United Kingdom. Today, the Royal Dutch Shell is ranked as one of the six oil and gas super companies worldwide and the world’s fifth largest based on revenue. The headquarters of BP, the second largest company in Europe, are located in the United Kingdom. Its revenue in 2014 was $386,463 million. The British Petroleum Company has operations in about 80 countries. The third largest company in Europe is Total, headquartered in France and also a global leader in oil and gas. Its revenues were $231,580 million. The company was established in 1924 as the Compagnie Française des Pétroles by the then Prime Minister, Raymond Poincaré. Russia is home to Europe’s 6th largest company, Gazprom. The company’s revenues amounted to $157,057 million, and it has a 72% share of Russian gas reserves. The Eni Company, headquartered in Italy, ranks as Europe’s ninth largest company with $153,676 million in revenues. The Statoil Company is the 16th largest company in Europe.

Financial Services

The financial services sector includes services such as insurance, stock brokerage, credit, accountancy, and consulting. The IND ranks as the top financial services company in Europe and 9th by revenues at $150,571 million. Its operations are headquartered in the Netherlands where it was founded in 1991. Headquartered in France is the AXA Company which ranks 11th by revenue in Europe at $142,712 million. It is a conglomerate with subsidiaries operating in many countries. Europe’s 12th largest company, Allianz, is headquartered in Germany. The Allianz Company’s revenues were $134,167 million in 2014. BNP Paribas has its headquarters in France. Its revenues were $127,460 million to rank as Europe’s 13th largest company. The Banco Santander Company has its headquarters in Spain, and with revenues of $117,408 million, it is Europe’s 17th largest company.


Germany is home to the headquarters of two of Europe’s largest automotive companies. The Volkswagen Company began operations in 1937, and it is Europe’s largest car manufacturer in the present day. Brands associated with the company include Bentley, Audi, Porsche, and Bugatti. It is the 4th largest company in Europe with $221,550 million in revenues. The Daimler Company is Europe’s 10th largest company with $148,139 million in revenues. The company’s history dates back to 1896, and its brands include the luxury Mercedes-Benz. Fiat company has its headquarters in Italy, and its revenues were $116,000 million to rank 19th in Europe.


Glencore Xstrata is the largest conglomerate in Europe, and its revenues were $220,030 million in 2014. Its headquarters are in Switzerland, and the UK (Jersey) and its business interests are in commodities as well as metals and mining. Headquartered in Germany is the Siemens conglomerate which deals in the healthcare, energy, infrastructure, and industry sectors. It ranks as the 20th largest company in Europe with $113,349 million in revenues.

Electric Utility

The 7th largest company in Europe is the E.ON Company headquartered in Germany. Its revenues were $157.057 million, and its primary products are electrical power and natural gas. E.ON was established in 2000 as a merger between VIAG and VEBA, while in UK Powergen was acquired by E.ON in January 2003. E.On entered into the gas market when it acquired Ruhrgas in 20013, now E.On Ruhrgas. E.ON Ruhrgas has presence in 20 countries in Europe. Headquartered in France is Europe’s 14th largest company, Engie. The company’s 2014 revenues were $126,076 million.

Retail and Investment

The Carrefour Company is Europe’s largest retailer whose headquarters are in France. Its business interests all over the world generated $121,734 million in revenues in 2014. Exor Company is an investment company headquartered in Italy. Its revenues were $117,297 million in 2014.

Which Are The Biggest Companies In Europe By Revenue?

RankCompanyIndustryRevenue (USD Millions of Dollars)Headquarters
1Royal Dutch ShellOil and gas484,489 Netherlands & United Kingdom
2BPOil and gas386,463 United Kingdom
3TotalOil and gas231,580 France
4VolkswagenAutomotive221,550 Germany
5Glencore XstrataConglomerate220,030 Switzerland & United Kingdom ( Jersey)
6GazpromOil and gas157,830 Russia
7E.ONElectric utility157,057 Germany
8EniOil and gas153,676 Italy
9INGFinancial services150,571 Netherlands
10DaimlerAutomotive148,139 Germany
11AXAFinancial services142,712 France
12AllianzFinancial services134,167 Germany
13BNP ParibasFinancial services127,460 France
14EngieElectric utility126,076 France
15CarrefourRetail121,734 France
16StatoilOil and gas119,561 Norway
17Banco SantanderFinancial services117,408 Spain
18ExorInvestment117,297 Italy
19FiatAutomotive116,000 Italy
20SiemensConglomerate113,349 Germany

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