Where Is The World's Largest Film Studio Located?

Entrance of Ramoji Film City at Hayathnagar. At 1666 acres, it is the largest integrated film city in the world. Editorial credit: Joe Ravi / Shutterstock.com
Entrance of Ramoji Film City at Hayathnagar. At 1666 acres, it is the largest integrated film city in the world. Editorial credit: Joe Ravi / Shutterstock.com

According to Guinness World Records, the largest film studio in the world is Ramoji Film City which is located in Hyderabad, India. The studio, which as constructed by a Telugu film producer named Ramoji Rao, opened in 1996, takes up a total land area of about 1,666 acres and includes 47 sound stages as well as a variety of permanent sets featuring locations such as religious temples to train stations which are utilized for a wide range of film production projects.

Attractions Of Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City can be found just over 21 miles away from the Indian city of Hyderabad. The studio is a major tourist attraction with legions of individuals and families coming to enjoy the site every year. It is estimated that Ramoji Film City attracts about one and a half million visitors every year. The massive facility is marketed to appeal not only to film fans but to anyone in search of a family-friendly theme park experience.

Visitors to Ramoji Film City can also enjoy various non cinema-themed attractions including a bird park, Fundustan (which is made up of a children’s park featuring video games, thrill rides, an amphitheater, Toyland, water fountain, and wood themed play zone), as well as the colorful EcoZone complete with its butterfly park (spread out over 7,200 square feet) and Vaman- Bonsai Garden. The Film City site also includes several theme restaurants including Galaxy (located in the Sitara Luxury Hotel), Hollywood, Super Star, Dil Se, and the unique dining experience that is Jimmys Drive-In.

Studio Tour Sites

The main focus of Ramoji Film City is film production and visitors have the opportunity to take a tour of the various sets and impressive sound stages. Permanent sets on display include Princess Street which resembles an international urban environment, North Town, featuring distinctive Indian architectural elements and buildings, the Bhagavatham Set where the popular local Indian serial was shot, Askari Garden Set, Japanese Garden, Sun Fountain Garden which includes an impressive massive horse draw chariot water fountain, Mughal Garden constructed in an Islamic Style architectural style, Sanctuary Garden including animal-shaped topiaries, Angel Fountain, and the religiously symbolic Kripalu Caves.

The studio tour also includes a wide assortment of shows geared toward exploring the art of movie magic as well as highlighting India’s filmmaking past, present, and future. These shows include live street performances, a wild west show, and a traditional Spirit Of Ramoji show with a focus on Indian traditions and culture.

Film Production Services

A comprehensive array of film and television production services are offered at Ramoji Film City. These include 40 studio floors ranging in size from 2400- 28,350 square feet as well as various dancing stages, power generators, outdoor location sets (including a hospital, jail, and ashram), and various assorted outdoor gardens and streets. Other services available to filmmakers include cameras and related equipment, production crew, craft services, transportation, set design, props, wardrobe, and a wide range of post-production services such as processing, and printing facilities which are available at Rainbow, Film City’s film lab.


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