Where Is The End of the World Route?

Road leading to Cuernos del Paine in Southern Chile.
Road leading to Cuernos del Paine in Southern Chile.

Interestingly, there is a tourist scenic route in Chile is known as “End of the World Route.” This route is located in the Antarctic region of Magallanes and Chile in the southeast region of Chile. The term “end of the world” is simply used in reference to Chile being the southernmost country in the world. Chilean Patagonia is the country’s southernmost region and also the extreme southern part of the American continent.

About The Route Of The Parks

In recent years, the government of Chile and its partners have made great progress in protecting its natural beauty. The conservation work culminated with the creation of Route of the Parks, a 1,740-mile route connecting 17 national parks across the country. The route is a hiking trail which runs from Puerto Montt to Cape Horn. It features three existing routes including End of the World Route, Southern Way, and Patagonia Channel. The idea of the trail was conceived by Tompkins Conservation with the foundation donating vast lands to the Chile government for the creation of the national parks and the Patagonia Route of Parks connecting all the 17 parks. The route crosses three regions from north to south; Los Lagos, Aysen, and Magallanes (where End of the World Route is located). In total, the park route passes through 60 communities, habitats of about 140 birds’ species, 24 ecosystems, and several terrestrial and marine species.

Chilean Patagonia

Patagonia is an area shared by Chile and Argentina and situated at the southern end of South America. This region is sparsely populated and consists mainly of the southern portion of the Andes. It is also one of the regions of the world with coasts on three oceans; Atlantic, Pacific, and Southern Oceans. The Chilean Patagonia has abundant animal life and vegetation and experiences high rainfall than Argentine Patagonia. The two Chilean regions entirely within Patagonia are Magallanes and Aysen while Los Lagos is partly located in the region. The Route of Parks which runs from the north to the south of Chilean Patagonia connects the Carretera Austral with Patagonia Channel and End of the World Route.

Attractions Along The End Of The World Route

Although there are 17 parks along the Route of the Parks, individual parks and attractions along the section of End of the World Route are yet to be verified. When highlighting the attractions, even those along the Carretera Austral and the Patagonia Channel are always considered. Some of the popular parks that may be considered to be located along the path of the End of the World Route, especially in the region of Magallanes include Bernardo O’Higgins National Park (the largest national park in Chile and one of the largest in the world), Pali Aike National Park (known for large species of birds), Kawesqar National Park, Torres del Paine National Park (declared 8th wonder of the world and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve), and Cabo de Hornos National Park. Other protected areas that are located along this route are Magallanes National Reserve, Pinguino Rey Park, and Cerro Paine Reserve.


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