The Biggest Cities in Comoros

A view of the city of Moroni, the capital and biggest city of Comoros.
A view of the city of Moroni, the capital and biggest city of Comoros.

Where Is The Comoros?

The Comoros, located off Africa’s eastern coast at the northern end of the Mozambique Channel, is an archipelagic nation in the Indian Ocean. Located on the Grande Comore island, Moroni is the capital of the country. Islam is followed by the majority of the people in the Comoros. Comorian, French, and Arabic are the 3 most widely spoken languages. The nation that is spread over an area of 1,660 square km, is the third smallest African country. Although it is small in size, the nation houses a diverse history and culture due to its position at the crossroads of different civilizations.

Three major islands, the Grande Comore, Mohéli, and Anjouan, as well as several smaller islands, constitute the archipelago of Comoros. The region was part of the French colonial empire in the 19th century and became a sovereign nation as recently as 1975. The country is faced with severe problems like a high-income inequality and poor performance on the HDI front. Nearly half the population of the country is impoverished.

The Population Of Comoros

With a population of less than a million, Comoros is among one of the least populated countries in the world. However, the small size of the country triggers a high population density of 275 inhabitants per square km. 34% of the population of Comoros live in the urban areas of the country. Here, we discuss the major urban centers in the country.

The Three Biggest Urban Centers In The Comoros


Moroni is the biggest city in Comoros. It is also the federal capital of the country. Moroni is located at the foot of Mount Karthala, an active volcano, and derives its name from its location. Moroni in the local language means “in the heart of the fire.” A port and several mosques are housed in the city. The surrounding volcano habitat hosts several species of birds. Goods produced in the neighboring region like vanilla, coffee, soft drinks, distilled essential oils, wood and metal products, cacao, cement, etc., are all exported from the port at Moroni. Several financial institutions and marketplaces are also located here. The city, however, has a poor tourist infrastructure despite having a significant potential to attract tourists.


Mutsamudu, founded in 1842, is the country’s second most populous city. It is also the capital of the Anjouan island on which it is located. The main features of this city include a deep water port, narrow streets with craft shops, and an ancient citadel. Mutsamudu is the country’s only deep water port and hence plays a vital role in trade and commerce. Main export items shipped from the port are cloves, vanilla, and Ylang Ylang. Cement, petroleum products, flour, sugar, and rice are imported into the country via the Mutsamudu port.


Fomboni is the third most populous city in Comoros. The city is situated in the Federal State of Mohéli. Fomboni is the capital of this island. It is a quiet city featuring a jetty and an old market.

Where Is Comoros? Which Are The Most Populous Cities/Towns Of Comoros?

RankName Of Urban CentreRegion/IslandPopulation
1MoroniGrande Comore42872

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