Where In The World Is The Biggest McDonald's Restaurant?

McDonald's Restaurant Sign in Las Vegas. Image credit: Jason Patrick Ross / Shutterstock.com
McDonald's Restaurant Sign in Las Vegas. Image credit: Jason Patrick Ross / Shutterstock.com
  • The largest McDonald's restaurant is located in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • McDonald’s restaurants have begun losing quite a bit of popularity in Russia since the population was encouraged to avoid western food in recent years.
  • The Epic McD allows people to completely modify their orders and create special unique burgers of their own.
  • The first McDonald’s drive-through was inspired by the military in 1975 who had a base near one of the restaurants but the soldiers were not allowed to leave the cars while wearing fatigues.

McDonald's is a franchise known all over the world. The fast-food giant has become iconic, and there is hardly a place in the world where one isn't just a short drive away. Ever since the fast-food company was founded in 1940, it has been continuously growing, and its name has become almost synonymous with the fast-food world.

What started as a simple hamburger stand in San Bernardino, California, turned into a global corporation, and the golden arches have become ingrained in the public's consciousness as the symbol of one of the most iconic food franchises in the world. 

Naturally, since the company originated in the United States, one would expect the largest McDonald's restaurant to be there as well, right? Well, it might come as a surprise that it is located in Frankfurt, Germany! Weird, huh, well, let's explore the story of several of the largest McDonald's restaurants in the world.

The Biggest Mcdonald's Restaurant

The biggest McDonald's restaurant in the world can be found at the Frankfurt airport in Frankfurt, Germany. It can seat 650 guests and spreads across 43,055 square feet, and was opened in 2015. This airport is an important place that marks the meeting place of many different cultures, and it showcases the cultural progression of the country.

It is decorated in a modern way, and offers table service, like most other McDonald's restaurants in Germany. This is all done to improve the experience of the customers who come from all over the world. The largest McDonald's on earth also features a playground area where little children can play while you enjoy your meal. 

Entertainment McDonald's called the "Epic McD." Image credit: attractionsmagazine.com

The United States has one huge McDonald's restaurant that can rival the biggest ones in the world. It does, however, come with a caveat. It is an Entertainment McDonald's called the "Epic McD," which is a bit of a different facility. It spreads across 19,000 square feet and can seat 350 guests, but it is not considered just a restaurant since it features huge play structures and an arcade with the size of 2,000 square feet. The restaurant also offers many other types of food not normally found at a McDonald's such as pizzas and pasta.

The Runner-Ups

Another enormous McDonald's restaurant exists in Russia, Moscow, to be exact. It offers seating for more than 900 people and spreads across 28,000 square feet. This restaurant opened in 1990, and you can imagine the buzz it generated in Russia at the time. More than five thousand people showed up on the opening day, and some of them stood in line, waiting for over six hours. This was the first time many of them were able to taste American fast food, and they did not want to miss it. It is estimated that over 30,000 people were served by the restaurant that day.

There are two other McDonald's restaurants that are worth being mentioned in this article. The first one is "The Rock" McDonald's in Chicago, Illinois, which can seat 300 guests and is the size of 19,000 square feet. This restaurant was reopened in 2005 after the original building was demolished, and it contains a small museum with a rock and roll themed exhibit.

The prevalent rock and roll theme is the reason this restaurant was dubbed "The Rock." Another McDonald's restaurant known for its size is the Melville Store McDonald's in Perth Australia. It offers seating for 150 guests spread across 6,888 square feet. It is known for its unique twist on the McDonald's formula, offering an experience that is more akin to a classic restaurant.


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