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What is the Salary of the Prime Minister of Canada?

Justin Trudeau earns a salary of CAD $345,000.

The Prime Minister of Canada

The Prime Minister of Canada is Justin Tradeau. He is the 23rd Prime Minister in Canada, and serves as the Primary Minister of the Crown. He is also the head of the government and as such chairs the Cabinet. The “Right Honourable” is the respectable title given to the Canadian Prime Minister. The Prime Ministers are entitled to this title of honor as long as they live. Neither the Canadian constitutional nor any legal document defines the role of the Prime Minister. However, the position is a powerful one in Canada.

The Salary of the Canadian Prime Minister

The salary of the Prime Minister and the salary of any other state officer is included in the budget and supplied by the Queen in Council. According to the approved budget of 2017, the Canadian Prime Minister earns a salary of CAD $345,000 (USD $170,000) per year. The Governor General is responsible for appointing the Prime Minister of Canada. Then the Prime Minister reports to the monarch of Canada, the parliament, and the Governor General. The Prime Minister never retires. He serves at the pleasure of “Her Majesty – the Queen” for life unless he is dismissed, resigns, or dies.

What Role Does the Canadian Prime Minister Have?

Sometimes confused as the Canadian head of state, the Prime Minister is perhaps the most powerful person in government. He is the head of the federal government’s executive arm. The Prime Minister also co-ordinates the activities of the state. Alongside the cabinet, he provides a sense of direction and leadership for the entire government. The Prime Minister also appoints most of the civil servants who work in his administration. The Prime Minister also appoints persons to fill in significant government positions such as ambassadors to foreign countries, Supreme Court justices, provincial lieutenant governors, and senators among other 3,100 positions.

The Prime Minister’s Role in the Cabinet

First of all, it is important to note that in Canada the Cabinet is an integral part in making decisions in the government. The Prime Minister of Canada appoints the cabinet ministers, who he or she feels fit to work with. He also decides the size of the cabinet. After appointing the cabinet ministers, the Prime Minister then assigns responsibilities to each one of them. One of the key things ensures is done is that women and minorities must have representation in the cabinet. Furthermore, the Prime Minister also takes into account and balances the regional interests of the people. As chair of the cabinet, the Canadian Prime Minister controls the agendas and chairs the meetings.

The Prime Minister's Role in Parliament

Cabinet ministers together with the Prime Ministers, sit in Parliament and co-ordinate the activities there. The Prime Minister also participates in House of Commons debates, especially those on contentious issues. He is also obligated to justify to the House of Commons the decisions made in the government. Since the Prime Minister is a member of parliament, he also represents the people of his constituency.

With an annual salary of CAD $345,000, the position of the Prime Minister in Canada is both luxurious and powerful.

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