What Is the Capital of Colorado?

The state flag of Colorado.

The state of Colorado is situated in the southwestern region of the United States. It is fondly known as the "Centennial State" because it was admitted into the United States one hundred years after the country achieved its independence. Colorado is known for its Rocky Mountains and high elevation. The state is named after the Colorado River, which passes through the area. Spanish explorers named the river ‘Colorado,’ which means ‘colored red’ due to the silt in the river’s water. The state of Colorado covers an area of 104,000 square miles and is home to approximately 5.5 million residents. Denver is the capital of Colorado and is the state’s most populous city.

History of Denver

Denver emerged as a gold mining settlement in 1858. Some gold miners moved from Kansas to the area near South Platte River and established settlements on banks of the river. These settlements lasted only a few months, then the gold miners moved to a neighboring city. However, a city later developed in the abandoned area on the shores of South Platte River. It was christened Denver City, after Governor James W. Denver, who was governor of Kansas territory. The city grew steadily and was mainly propelled by local gold miners. When Arapaho County was created on November 1, 1861, Denver was chosen to be the county’s administrative center. Additionally, Colorado territory, which was established in February 1861, also picked Denver as its territorial capital. The city attracted developers as it grew as a service and commercial center. Starting in the 1970’s, Denver acquired a modern look, with several skyscrapers dotting the city. The city has continued to develop up to this day.

Present-day Denver

Denver currently occupies a land area of 153 square miles. It is nicknamed the "Mile-High City" due to its mile-high elevation above the sea level. The city is home to an estimated 693,000 residents. Denver is a vibrant city with diverse industries including finance, manufacturing, and transport. Denver’s mayor governs the city with the help of the city council, which is made up of 13 members. The mayor and council members are elected by the residents of Denver, and serve for four-year terms. The city enjoys a high standard of living, with quality healthcare and readily available social facilities.

Economic Significance of Denver

Denver is an important business hub for major corporations. Its connection to cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago make it a suitable center for business. The city also accommodates certain federal agencies, which contribute to Colorado’s economy. Additionally, Denver is credited for producing popular food chains such as Chipotle Mexican Grill, Noodles & Company, and Smashburger. It was ranked as the best city for conducting business by Forbes in 2015.

Cultural Significance of Denver

Denver is known for beer brewing and the city’s high altitude provides an ideal environment to brew beer. The city also hosts the largest Mexican American community in the United States. As a result, Denver celebrates four Mexican festivals each year. The city also provides a variety of Mexican cuisines to visitors and locals alike. Additionally, Denver has a vibrant art center and numerous facilities that showcase art.


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