What Is Inside A Black Hole?

Black hole in space.

A black hole is a body in space with gravitational pulls so forceful that nothing can escape from it. The easiest way to explain how black holes form is that they appear after a star dies. That process creates an enormous amount of mass with high density that distorts spacetime, forming a black hole. Black holes are bound by a region called the event horizon. Once crossed, escape is impossible due to the fierce gravitational acceleration.

Not All Black Holes Are The Same

Black holes can have different characteristics, so neither is absolutely the same. They vary in size; some have electric charges while others don’t, while some can be stationary as opposed to those that rotate rapidly. The black hole is just a colossal body if viewed from a distance, having the gravitational force of other objects with the same mass. 

That mass is covered by the event horizon, the region that separates the black hole from the space outside. It is the exterior of the black hole that serves as a veil and prevents us from seeing the inside. Despite its serving as a shield to the black hole, the event horizon doesn’t have a physical form. It’s just a space covering a particular distance, and after it is crossed exit is impossible due to the strong gravitational pulls mentioned above. Not even light can escape the immense power of the gravity that is inside of a black hole. 

The Inside Of a Black Hole

Once the event horizon is crossed, entering the black hole is inevitable. Scientists refer to the black hole as a singularity. What that means is that it’s a point where all laws of physics become identical to each other. Space and time cease to exist as correlated realities, and merge, losing any independence.

The amount of time it takes to reach the black hole depends on its mass, but in general, it’s no more than a few seconds. While approaching the singularity, the light from the space surrounding it is still visible and continues to follow the entrance. Due to time dilation, the universe outside the black hole seems like it’s moving at a higher speed. 

No-one Knows What Happens Next

Since the black hole's mass is condensed into an extremely small point, the strength of the gravity can vary tremendously. That means any object that enters starts rapidly changing its form. Even the black hole gets stretched to the point that it takes up the majority of your vision.

After the surface of a black hole is reached, everything else is a mystery. Nothing escapes the singularity, so there is no way to extract exact data to find out what exactly happens inside. With further advancements in our theories of physics, we should be getting closer to solving that mystery.


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