What Does Globalization Mean?

Globalization has promoted multiculturalism in many countries of the world.
Globalization has promoted multiculturalism in many countries of the world.

What Globalization Means?

Globalization refers to the international interaction among people, companies, and governments of different countries through the exchanging of ideas, products, and cultural practices. Globalization is enhanced by the trading partnerships between different countries, as well as the use of the internet and mobile phones. Improvement in transportation systems like electric trains, container ships, and airplanes have made it possible for countries or people to access information about commodities offered in different places around the world.

Gloobalization In The Modern World

Globalization in the 19th century was attained as a result of industrial transformation during the civil war in the US. Industrialization promoted manufacturing of commodities in bulk and hence created the need to exchange with other people either for money or other products that were not produced locally. With the improved and reduced transport costs more can be exported and imported. Besides, people can move from one place to another and learn new skills that are not present in their area of origin.

Movement Of People

People are an important aspect of globalization, and hence their movement from one area to another plays a vital role in making the exchange of products a success. People move due to different reasons some of which includes tourism, immigration, and international education. Tourists travel to different countries for pleasure and interaction with others, therefore increasing interaction. When people visit different places, they end up buying products that they find different countries and in the process learn different cultures. Immigrants move from one country to another where they can settle and can gain employment. Their migration is facilitated by the readily available and affordable means of transport. International students seek education all over the world, buy products and mostly learn new culture.

Movement of Information, Goods, And Services

With globalization, information can be conveyed to any person regardless of the distance. The social media and telephones have made communication possible unlike in the past when people had to send letters through the courier or horsemen to deliver the mail and it occasionally could fail to deliver. Economic globalization has made it possible to move goods, services, and capital across the border. The improved means transport have made this possible.

Cultural Globalization

People exchange ideas, meanings, and values in the course of interaction through cultural globalization, where is has become possible for one to access whatever one wants to see at the click of the bottom.

Political Globalization

Globalization has impacted how different governments in the world function, as well as how they implement policies. For instance, the World Health Organization (WHO) formulates policies regarding health aspects that affect all member countries and therefore influencing them to work together. Non-government organizations influence public policies in different countries they operate in regard to the development projects they establish.

Importance Of Globalization

Globalization is a significant step towards the development of each nation. Every country can access the products, services, and even technology whenever they want. Hence, development in each country can be attained with the utilization of the available resources. Governments are promoting this aspect to ensure that social interaction, exchange of products and service is possible and thus none of the countries will suffer at the expense of others.


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