What Do The Colors And Symbols Of The Flag Of Moldova Mean?

By Joseph Kiprop on May 10 2018 in World Facts

The flag of Moldova.

The state of Moldova officially adopted its flag on May 12, 1990.The country’s flag resembles that of Romania, indicating the close association between the two nations. The two flags are made up of a vertical tricolor of red on the hoist side, yellow at the center, and blue on the fly side. The flag of Moldova has a court of arms charged on the middle vertical yellow stripe. The court of arms has a dark golden eagle that appears to hold a cross associated with the Orthodox Christianity in its peak. The eagle also holds a branch of an olive in the right claw and a yellow staff in its left claw. On the eagle’s chest is a blue and a red shield charged with Moldova’s traditional symbols, the Aurochs’ head and there is a star located between the horns, and it is flanked by a rose and a cr

History Of The Flag Of Moldova

During the Russian revolution of 1917, the Bessarabia region, now Moldova became autonomous and was known as the Moldovan Democratic Republic until 1918 when it was absorbed as part of Romania, through a vote of the assembly. During this brief period, the flag was made up of the traditional blue color of the Romanian flag in horizontal format. In 1940 Romania ceded the Bessarabia to the Soviet Union and resulted in the formation of the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic. In 1952, Moldova acquired distinctive flag with a green horizontal stripe through the center on a red field and had a hammer, a sickle, and a star, which is associated with communism on the canton side of the flag. At the time, the green represented the agricultural activities in the country.

Government Standards

In 2010, four more government flags were adopted which were inspired by the national flag. They are the flag of the President, the flag of the President of Parliament, the flag of the Prime Minister, and the flag of the Minister of Defense. The flag of the minister of defense is not defined, and the national flag is used. All the three flags have been in the proportion of 1:1 or squared with the country’s coat of arms at the center. The flags are each surrounded by squares which are colored in the sequence of blue to yellow to red to yellow. However, the field color of each flag is different: the flag of the President of Parliament has a red field, the flag of the President has a purple field, and the flag of the Prime Minister has a blue field.

Military Flags

The National Army in the country also has a flag with a unique emblem which is a sign of honor, glory, and loyalty of the soldiers who serve their country. The flag has a red cross in the center which serves as a reminder of the patron of the Moldovan Army in medieval time. The colors of the flag are same as the state flag having golden fringes.

Other Flags In Moldova

In Moldova, many governmental organizations have their variants of the flag, which is established by the governmental decisions or by the parliament. Some of the departments with the flag include Customs of Moldova, the Department of Civil Defense and exceptional situations of Moldova, the information and Security service in the country and the Principal state Inspectorate among others.

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