Top 20 Countries In Exports Of Live Poultry

A live hen poses for the camera.
A live hen poses for the camera.

Poultry is an essential element and an important component in the cuisines of many countries and cultures. The five countries listed below are the largest exporters of live poultry which includes not only chickens but also turkeys, ducks, and geese.

Major Live Poultry Exporting Countries Of The World


Germany is the largest exporter of live poultry in the world. Its immediate markets are the neighboring countries where chickens and turkeys are widely consumed.


The Netherlands is expected to become the world leader in live poultry exports very soon due to its excellent infrastructure for the industry. The major importers of meat from Netherlands are countries in Africa and Asia where high-quality Dutch meat is in high demand.


France is a cuisine heaven. French foods are highly acclaimed worldwide and as a result, the live poultry from France is also in high demand around the world. French poultry is exported across Europe, Africa, and Asia as well as the Americas.


Malaysia is the only Asian country on this list with exports topping $180 million. The major markets for Malaysian poultry are the neighboring ASEAN countries.

United States of America

The US is the largest consumer of poultry products in the world. As a result, it is also one of the major producers and exporters of poultry. The export markets are around the globe for American poultry.

Use of Poultry in Cuisine

Poultry food products are popular in almost every part of the world. Many restaurants in the world like to offer a global range of meat products for their patrons. Poultry adds variety on the menu. Ducks and geese are often offered as exotic items on the menu whereas turkey is considered as a delicacy on special occasions.

Chefs around the world experiment with a virtually unlimited variety of dishes, with almost half of them involving poultry from around the world. Some places have a preference for a certain variety which gives rise to the exports of the country which produces them.

Other Uses

A small number of exported live poultry is used for local farming and egg production as well. Small scale industries are established in almost all countries for meeting the local demands.

Raising poultry – Farming

Chickens take up a dominant share of poultry in the worldwide production. Over 50 billion birds are raised every year to meet the demands of eggs and meat. Traditionally, such birds are raised in small droves, foraging during the day and housed in a shelter at night. As the demand for poultry increased, the farming methods also became increasingly intensive and specialized.

A Growing Industry

Live poultry is an essential part of the world economy and is the most widely consumed form of meat. The industry shows no signs of declining and the methods are becoming increasingly malicious for the sake of business. Animal rights teams often raise their voices but they are shut down by industry leaders who continue to enjoy great business globally.

Top 20 Countries In Exports Of Live Poultry

RankCountry2015 Export Value of Live Poultry (USD)
5United States Of America$150,449,000
6United Kingdom$142,031,000
9Czech Republic$95,147,000
20New Zealand$17,416,000

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