The Cheapest Night Stays Around The World

Vietnam is at the top of the list as one of the cheapest vacation destinations in the world.
Vietnam is at the top of the list as one of the cheapest vacation destinations in the world.

Traveling is an exciting experience whether it is done for business or leisure, the thrill never loses its flair. As a traveler or tourist, there are many factors to take into consideration. Issues such as maneuverability, political unrest and security, socio-cultural differences, and economic conditions of the preferred destination are often primary concerns. Getting the best out of the experience with the least amount of hustle is also a common motive.

This article will provide an in-depth analysis into some of the least expensive international cities for vacation by average daily cost. It will give an insight into the various factors that make certain cities stand out, in a manner that will leave any would-be traveler in a prime position to settle for the city of their choice.

Hotel accommodations

An important to factor in anyone's budget is factoring hotel rates while choosing a vacation destination. Importantly, cheaper rates are not always attributed to poor quality, which explains why tourists who have visited the cities of Bangkok, Jakarta, Sharm el Sheik, and Sofia would die for a trip back there. These cities may not have featured in these top positions a few years ago, but thanks to their understanding of hotel price mechanisms, they have surpassed traditional tourist giants.

Dinner for two

More and more tourists are becoming conscious of their spending habits, and will ensure that at the very best, they get only what fits their budget, even when it comes to dinner occasions. Bearing in mind this particular trend, certain cities like Hanoi, Jakarta, Mumbai, and Prague have shifted their focus in providing the best rates for dinner for two, and make no mistake, this has earned them a place as some of the world leading tourist destinations.

Cocktails for two

Drinking while you are on vacation is a pretty common practice and the tourism industry in various cities have long taken advantage of this fact to manipulate prices. However, due to their proactive nature, players in the tourism industry in cities like Cape Town, Sofia and Hanoi saw an opportunity to adjust prices. By lowering their rates, tourists immediately began favoring these cities compared to others with similar other services.

Return taxi trip

Given the fact that a tourist is someone always on the move, the taxi business forms the bedrock of maneuverability in the tourism sector. High prices for taxi trips are likely to lower the level of tourists visiting a given city, which therefore goes to show why many such cities have lost their clients to other cities like Jakarta, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.


The table bellow shows the average daily cost factoring in hotel accommodations, dinner, cocktails for two, and a return taxi trip. Tourists favor a given destination due to many factors, one of which is budget. Combining different economic aspects to suit the demands of many tourists is the primary trick in registering high tourist returns, as is the case with many cities discussed bellow.

Cheapest Average Cost For A Night Stay Around The World

RankInternational CitiesAverage Cost (US .$)
1Hanoi, Vietnam152.89
2Jakarta, Indonesia158.40
3Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt159.49
4Bangkok, Thailand162.13
5Sofia, Bulgaria187.56
6Cape Town, South Africa190.41
7Mumbai, India190.67
8Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia195.56
9Prague, Czech Republic197.61
10Budapest, Hungary200.21

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