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Ukraine's famous "Tunnel of Love".
Ukraine's famous "Tunnel of Love".

The "Tunnel of Love" refers to a section of the railway line near Klevan, Ukraine. The line links Klevan and Orzhiv and is enclosed by a tall green arch which creates the impression of a green tunnel. The entire line is about 4 miles long with about 3 miles covered by a forest. The tunnel itself has a length of anywhere between 1.8 to 3 miles depending on the perspective of the person doing the measuring.

During spring and summer, when the weather conditions are optimal, the green color of the tunnel is even more pronounced, creating an even more breathtaking sight. The snow-covered branches in winter and fallen leaves of fall also create captivating sights.


The tunnel is a popular tourist destination for both local and international visitors from all over the globe. The tunnel is particularly popular among newly-wed couples and couples who use the tunnel as a photography opportunity. As things stand, the tunnel is not accorded any official protection or recognition by the government or any other form of authority. Visitors, therefore, enjoy the sights free of charge.

How Was the Tunnel Formed?

The trees of the "Tunnel of Love" were planted by the military during the ear of the cold war. At some point, the railway branches off into the forest towards an abandoned military base. The military planted these trees as a means of obscuring movement of supplies and troops.


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