The Richest Streets In England

Editorial credit: Cedric Weber / Some of the streets in London feature homes with staggering price tags.
Editorial credit: Cedric Weber / Some of the streets in London feature homes with staggering price tags.

The ever rising prices of homes and property have led to some streets in England being characterized as the country's most expensive. With property values of more than one million pounds, they are mostly located in the country’s capital city of London. London is also the most expensive city in England and one of the most expensive in the world. These rich streets are marked with imposing mansions. The prices and worth of these properties have been on an upward trend, which can only get higher. These prices keep rising due to the high demand of properties within these posh neighborhoods and the scarcity of these properties. Most of the rich streets have held their positions for several years despite challenging economic conditions.

1. Kensington Palace Garden

The Kensington Palace Garden, W8, is a central London street. With properties worth £42,113,068, the street is the most expensive in England, London and ranks among the top in the world. Kensington is also home to several billionaires and has acquired the nickname “the boulevard of the billionaires.” Some of the billionaires with properties in Kensington include Madonna and Lakshmi Mittal. The street also ranked as the richest in 2016 with the average property valued at £38.36million.

2. The Boltons

Located in Brompton district with its postcode SW10, the Boltons Street is the second most expensive street in England and London. Like Kensington Palace Garden, the street is divided into the western and eastern crescents with the expensive properties at the center of the crescents. Present at the center of the Boltons are the outstanding private communal gardens. The property in this street is worth an average of £32,150,685. The street served as the home of one of the bestselling authors and British politician, Jeffrey Archer.

3. Grosvenor Crescent

Grosvenor Crescent is a street located in Westminster. With its properties worth an average of £21,004,164, Grosvenor Crescent, postcode SW1X, is the third richest street in England.

4. Courtenay Avenue

The average property in London’s Courtenay Avenue is worth £18,910,133 making it the fourth richest street in England. Some of the properties within the street go for more than £50 million. The avenue located in Hampstead within postcode N6 provides a hybrid of houses, which attract wealthy buyers locally and abroad. The avenue offers such features as a private airport and golf courses within short distances.

5. Ilchester Place

Ilchester Place is one of the posh streets of London within the Holland Park, Kensington. Ilchester Place is the fifth richest street in England and London with its property valued at an average price of £13,653,417. The street is also one of the most profitable in Britain. Some of the stars living in Ilchester Place include Robbie Williams and Jimmy Page.

Other Expensive Streets In England

Other streets of England whose property worth goes beyond £11,000,000 include Compton Avenue, Frognal Way, Manresa Road, Cottesmore Gardens, and Albemarle Street. While some of these streets in London have high-end properties, stamp duties and economic uncertainties created by Brexit have made some of the already expensive houses even more expensive for the high-end buyers. These uncertainties have also led to a decline in value of some of the properties in these rich neighborhoods.

The Richest Streets In England

RankEngland StreetAverage property value (in UK £)
1Kensington Palace Gardens, London W8£42,113,068.00
2The Boltons, London SW10£32,150,685.00
3Grosvenor Crescent, London SW1X£18,910,133.00
4Courtenay Avenue, London N6£18,910,133.00
5Ilchester Place, London W14£13,653,417.00
6Compton Avenue, London N6£13,201,121.00
7Frognal Way, London NW3£12,993,446.00
8Manresa Road, London SW3£12,623,135.00
9Cottesmore Gardens, London W8£11,851,069.00
10Albemarle Street, London W1S£11,108,548.00

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