The Most Visited Water Parks In The Asia-Pacific Region

The Chimelong Water Park in Guangzhou is the most-visited park in China and the largest park of its kind in the world. Editorial credit: GuoZhongHua /
The Chimelong Water Park in Guangzhou is the most-visited park in China and the largest park of its kind in the world. Editorial credit: GuoZhongHua /

Water parks are excellent recreational venues for people of all ages. A visit to a water park is often the best form of outdoor entertainment during the warm summer months. Water parks offer a number of rides and attractions like wave pools, lazy rivers, water slides, etc., to the visitors. Here is a list of some of the most popular water parks in the Asia-Pacific region:

1. Chimelong Water Park

The 450-acre Chimelong Water Park is the most visited water park in the Asia-Pacific region. The park was visited by 2,538,000 guests in 2016. It was designed by two reputed Canadian companies and is located in Guangzhou, China. The park boasts of numerous attractions like the “Extreme Rivers” that is located in the Aloha Village themed area of the park. It is the largest artificial torrent in the world. The attraction can accommodate as many as 3000 visitors at a point in time and offer them a nearly realistic experience of the impact of flood waves. The wave pool, and water rides like the “Behemoth Bowl” and the “Tornado” are also highly popular among the visitors of the park. There are several family-friendly facilities and 1,000 water sprinkles in the park, as well numerous as other attractions.

2. Caribbean Bay

Asia-Pacific’s second most popular water park is located in Yongin, South Korea. It is regarded to be the world’s biggest indoor/outdoor waterpark. The Caribbean Bay was opened in 1996 and encompasses an area of 202.6 square km. Although it is a part of the Everland Resort, a separate admission ticket needs to be purchased to gain entry into this park. The world’s longest Lazy River, a wave pool, a Wading Pool, a Sandy Pool, Salt Sauna, and various other water attractions and rides render the Caribbean Bay as a major crowd puller.

3. Ocean World

Another water park in South Korea, the Ocean World, features in the list of Asia-Pacific’s most popular water parks. The recreational venue is located in the Gangwon Province’s Hongcheon County. It is a part of the Vivaldi Resort. In 2016, the Ocean World was visited by 1,473,000 people. The park was inaugurated in 2009. Its design has been inspired by ancient Egyptian culture. Ocean World features a massive sphinx, pyramids, and other Egyptian symbols. There is both indoor and outdoor area in the water park. A number of pools of various sizes and shapes are found here. The ‘Extreme River’, ‘Monster Blaster’, ‘Super Boomerango’, etc., are some of the popular rides at this park.

4. Sunway Lagoon

The fourth most popular water park in the Asia-Pacific is located in Selangor, Malaysia. It is the Sunway Lagoon and is owned by the Sunway Group. This water park was opened in 1992. It hosts numerous attractions and rides that are the firsts of their kinds in Malaysia. These include the first 5D Waterplexx and the first surf simulator. There are currently about 90 attractions in the Sunway Lagoon that are spread across an area of 88 acres.

5. Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast

The fifth most visited water park in the Asia-Pacific is the Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast located in Gold Coast, Queensland of Australia. The park is located on the Gold Coast of Australia’s Queensland. The park that was opened in 1984 remains open all-year-round.

The Most Visited Water Parks In The Asia-Pacific Region

RankWater parkLocationNumber of visitors (2016)
1Chimelong Water ParkGuangzhou, China25,38,000
2Caribbean Bay at Everland ResortGyeonggi-do, South Korea15,50,000
3Ocean WorldYongin, South Korea14,73,000
4Sunway LagoonKuala Lumpur, Malaysia12,70,000
5Wet'n'Wild Gold CoastGold Coast, Queensland, Australia12,42,000
6Shenyang Royal Ocean Park - Water WorldFushun, China11,70,000
7Atlantis Water AdventureJakarta, Indonesia11,10,000
8Wuhu Fantawild Water ParkWuhu, China10,24,000
9Sunway Lost World of TambunPerak, Malaysia10,00,000
10Woongjin Playdoci WaterdociGyeonggi-Do, South Korea9,00,000

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