The Most Visited Attractions In Barcelona

Basílica de la Sagrada Família is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site that features the works of renowned architect Antoni Gaudí.  Editorial credit: Rodrigo Garrido /
Basílica de la Sagrada Família is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site that features the works of renowned architect Antoni Gaudí. Editorial credit: Rodrigo Garrido /

Barcelona is one of the most important cities in Spain and serves as the capital of Catalonia, a Spanish autonomous community. Barcelona hosts numerous attractions like museums, palaces, historical buildings, cultural centers, etc. The city is associated with a rich history and heritage. It is also one of Spain’s most visited cities. The most visited tourist attractions in Barcelona are as follows:

10. Museu d'Història de Barcelona

This museum is the tenth most visited attraction in Barcelona. As suggested by the name, the museum conserves the history of the city in the form of exhibits that tell a tale of Barcelona’s past. The museum also manages several historical sites throughout the city. The museum was opened to the public in 1943.

9. Museu Picasso

This museum of Barcelona features some of the best collections of Pablo Picasso’s artworks. It exhibits 4,251 works of the painter. The museum is not confined to a single building but is housed in five medieval era palaces that lie next to each other in the La Ribera locality of the city. Public access to the museum was allowed in 1963.

8. Parc Zoològic de Barcelona

The Barcelona Zoo ranks as the eighth most visited place of interest in the city. It is internationally famous as the zoo that housed Snowflake, an albino gorilla who passed away in 2003. The primary attractions in the zoo include the primate house, a Komodo dragon exhibit, and an arena for dolphin shoes.

7. Casa Milà 'La Pedrera'

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This tourist attraction in Barcelona refers to a modernist building designed by Antoni Gaudí and built between 1906 and 1912. At the time of its construction, the building attracted great controversy. Its design featuring twisting balconies made of wrought iron, an undulating facade, etc., were unique to the time when it was built. The Casa Milà is also part of the same UNESCO World Heritage Site as the Sagrada Família. Tourists visit the building in the great numbers. The Casa Milà is also used to host a number of cultural and education programmes.

6. Poble Espanyol de Barcelona

The Poble Espanyol refers to an open-air museum of architecture located in Barcelona. The museum was established in 1929. The 117 buildings of the museum recreate an Iberian village. There are also workshops for artisans, restaurants, and other tourist facilities within the complex. The museum also hosts a theater hosts a number of shows for children.

5. El Born Centre Cultural

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This place has been created to encourage cultural activities in the city and promote events of local or national importance. The cultural center is part of a building that was formerly a local marketplace that was opened in 1876. An archeological site representing Barcelona in during the 1700’s was also discovered here. Meetings and debates are held at the El Born Centre Cultural on a regular basis. Various events involving music, dance, literature, films, etc., are held at this venue all-year round.

4. L'Aquàrium de Barcelona

This aquarium is the fourth most visited place of interest in Barcelona. The attraction is located in the Spanish harbor of Port Vell. The site hosts 35 aquariums which house over 11,000 animals belonging to 450 species. The aquarium offers tourists the opportunity to observe aquatic fauna at close distance. The large fish species and top carnivores like sharks can be seen in the water enclosures at the museum.

3. Museu FC Barcelona

The professional football club of FC Barcelona has fans all across the globe. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the museum of this football club ranks as the third most visited attraction in Barcelona. The museum was opened in September 1984. It features a 3D cinema and an audiovisual touch-screen. It also equips FC Barcelona’s fans with the knowledge of the football club’s history through exhibits of trophies, documents, and photos related to the club. Those who desire to visit the museum must book the Camp Nou Experience package which also includes a visit to the stadium.

2. Park Güell

Barcelona’s second most visited attraction is the Park Güell. It is a system of public parks located in La Salut on Carmel Hill. It took four years from 1900 to 1914 to build the park system and it was opened to visits by the public in 1926. The park was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. The park has a number of architectural and natural features that have been designed aesthetically to appeal to all. Landscapes gardens, majestic water fountains, colonnaded pathways, buildings with fantastically shaped roofs, etc., are all part of the Park Güell. Many species of wildlife, especially numerous species of birds, occur here. This attraction is visited not just by tourists arriving in Barcelona but it also serves as a popular recreational spot for Barcelona’s residents.

1. Basílica de la Sagrada Família

Interior view of the incomplete Basílica de la Sagrada Família. Editorial credit: William Perugini /

The most popular place of interest in Barcelona is an unfinished Roman Catholic church of the name Sagrada Família. The church was built by the renowned architect Antoni Gaudí and is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site that features the works of Antoni Gaudí. The Sagrada Família was declared to be a minor basilica in 2010 after the then Pope consecrated it. The design of the church makes it unique. A blend of different styles of architecture have been used to build the church and it always inspires the awe of those who visit it.

The Most Visited Attractions In Barcelona

RankBarcelona AttractionNumber of visitors in 2016
1Basílica de la Sagrada Família45,61,848
2Park Güell29,58,901
3Museu FC Barcelona19,47,014
4L'Aquàrium de Barcelona15,87,828
5El Born Centre Cultural13,06,230
6Poble Espanyol de Barcelona12,99,376
7La Pedrera12,07,087
8Parc Zoològic de Barcelona9,65,292
9Museu Picasso9,54,895
10Museu d'Història de Barcelona9,26,571

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