The Leading Producers Of Lemons In The World

Lemons growing on a lemon tree.
Lemons growing on a lemon tree.

What Is Lemon?

Lemon is a small yellow colored fruit that is evergreen and native to the Asian continent. Its juice is used for both dietary and non-dietary purposes in various regions of the world. Its juice is used in food and drinks, cleaning agent, and aromatherapy among others.

Top Lemon Producing Countries


India was the leading country in lemon production for the year 2013. It produced 2.52 metric tons. Several provinces of the country particularly the warm ones produced several tons annually. It has proven to be a significant source of employment. The leading producing regions in the country are the state of Andhra and Pradesh


Mexico is the second largest producer globally and the leading in Central America. In 2013, its production reached 2.14 tons. The agricultural sector is significant to the country enabling it to raise substantial revenue from the exports. Most of the lemons produced in the country come from the warmer Southwest and Southeast regions of the country. Some of the states in which the crop is predominantly grown are Jalisco, Guerrero, and Oaxaca among others. Even though the trees can survive in drought conditions, they can perform well in mild rains. Excessive rains may lead to fungus infections.

People's Republic Of China

It is the other leading country that produces the crop in large quantities. In 2013, it produced 1.91 tons of lemon.The country’s relatively warm climate favors the performance of the crop. China has promoted the sector by financing research into the improved agricultural methods that can enhance the production of the crop and improve its revenue base in the international market. It also serves the domestic market, especially for dietary purposes. The crop a significant revenue earner for the country and has employed millions of its citizens in the agricultural sector.


The country is the fourth-largest producer of the commodity. In 2013, its production reached 1.30 tons. It is a significant revenue earner. The crop performs well in the warmer regions of the country where the climatic conditions favor its production. Mechanization of agriculture has enabled the government to bring large tracts of lands in the country under the farming of lemon. The country has also financed research into improved varieties of the crop that can perform well in the different areas of the country.


The country managed to produce 1.17 tons of the fruit in 2013. Agriculture has traditionally been one of the significant contributors to Brazil’s economy. It is mainly grown in the regions that have come to be known as the Citric Belt. The country has invested in research capability to manage the diseases that are prevalent in the country. These have been some of the efforts aimed at widening the country’s agricultural base.

Significance Of Lemon

The crop has its origins in the warm parts of the Asian continent. However, it has been carried across the globe with different varieties of it coming up depending on the geographical characteristics. The crop has its diverse uses and is acceptable across different cultures. It is used in hotels, restaurants, laundries among others. Countries that are its leading producers continue to invest in the means and ways to expand their production. The crop being a relatively resistant one has been successfully transferred to other regions.

The Leading Producers Of Lemon In The World

1 India2.52
2 Mexico2.14
3 People's Republic of China1.91
4 Argentina1.30
5 Brazil1.17

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