Where is the World's Largest Greenhouse?

Exterior of some of the Eden Project's massive greenhouses in Cornwall.
Exterior of some of the Eden Project's massive greenhouses in Cornwall.

5. History and Construction

The Eden Project is the world’s largest greenhouse project, designed in a futuristic fashion and located in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. This is now a tourist attraction and built over a clay pit that had been lying around abandoned for quite some time. Over one million plant species are kept inside the biomes at Eden. It was in this millennium that the English town of St. Blazey delved into the Eden Project. The idea to come up with this Eden Project was in 1996, and the construction began in 1998. The construction work had been delayed due to bad weather but finally was completed in May of 2000. In March of 2001, the world’s largest greenhouse, deemed The Eden Project, was opened to the public on the 17th of March, 2001. The Project Eden is a concept well ahead of its time, and consists of two mammoth-sized domes that would be used to house all manner of species of plants that are suited for Mediterranean and Tropical types of climates.

4. Architecture and Art

The Eden Garden was made with an aim of housing a wide variety of plants that are gown in various climate types. Thence two giant biomes were made under a design by Tim Smith. The architecture team was led by Nicholas Grimshaw. The structure is not made of glass, but instead made of specialty Thermoplastic ETFE Hexagonal panels. The structural engineering was done by the firm of Anthony Hunt and Associates, which is now a part of Sinclair Knight Merz. The green thumbprint of Eden upon the area is as bright and floral as it can be, and complete with waterfalls, rapids, stone bridges, and few stone gargoyles and angels alternatively decorating the entire expanse. The Tropical Biome stretches across 3.9 acres and the Mediterranean Biome across 1.6 acres, while the Outdoor Gardens are also quite vast.

3. Education and Tourism

In Eden's "Core" facility, they offer education and awareness related to plant life and sustainability. There are short-term gardening courses offered there and even kid’s activities. Exhibitions are also held here showing off a variety of flora that can grow in these lush gardens. The Eden Project is ideal for family trips, and thanks to the numerous special events and things to do, everyone is sure to have great fun on their visits to Eden. Tim Smith became the ten millionth visitor to the place, and there was a grand celebration on this occasion in 2008.

2. Habitats and Biodiversity

The Rainforest Biome is one of the hot favorites, and it alone has over 1,000 species of plants from Southeast Asia and West Africa and many other rainforests from around the globe. The Rainforest Canopy Walkway offers a great view of the indoor forest, which houses Britain’s biggest flower as well. Palms, sugarcane, Bamboos, nuts, and spices grow here as well. The Mediterranean Biome has giant citrons, tulips, poppies, and lupines growing in a neat array. Of course, the Outdoor Garden has all of the bright and pretty flowers, these seem to especially make the children happy.

1. Plans for the Future

The Eden Project is a charity foundation that is working towards enabling the people coming into contact with it to learn and interact more with nature. The organization seeks involvement from interested naturalists and from those who care for the environment. With plenty of events happening all throughout the year, and with all of the amenities on offer for the people to come and stay, the Eden Project plans to come up with many more workshops and initiatives for education and entertainment to come.


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