The 5 Deadliest Conflicts Happening Right Now

Sana'a, an extremely historic city, has been mostly destroyed by the ongoing civil war in Yemen.
Sana'a, an extremely historic city, has been mostly destroyed by the ongoing civil war in Yemen.

Generally speaking, conflicts around the world have been declining due to increased international intervention. After the Cold War, the world has seen a decrease in deadly conflicts. However, over the past few years, some countries have witnessed increased conflict, and as a result have a higher number of displaced people than ever before. There has been an upward trend in conflict due to the arising of extremist groups such as the Islamic State group in Syria. Political wars caused by extremist groups are the primary cause of conflicts. International states and the UN are working to restore peace to all nations, which in time, will lead to a safe environment for all people.

5. Yemen - 7,000

In Yemen, the primary cause of casualties is the Saudi-led war. After the ousting of President Ali Abdullah, state protests began which initiated the war. Civil wars have led to more than 7,000 casualties, half of whom were civilians. Although the UN has had peace talks to try to end the war, an agreement has yet to be reached.

4. Afghanistan - 16,000

More than 14 years after the ousting of the Taliban and destruction of the al Qaeda by the United States, Afghanistan is still experiencing conflict. In today's society, Afghanistan still has a presence of the Taliban, al Qaeda, and the Islamic State group. The fighting that has occurred in Afghanistan's various provinces has led to civilian casualties. Abuse of power and rampant corruption have led to conflict. In 2016, the number of fatalities reported was 16,000.

3. Iraq - 17,000

In an attempt to defeat the Islamic State, western countries have been strategizing with Shitte Militias in Iraq. The Islamic State is a radical group who are coercing marginalized segments of Iraq in an attempt to turn people against the government. The Iraq army is fighting to reclaim towns that have been taken over by the Islamic State. These issues have led to the country's political unrest. There have been many casualties of innocent civilians, as well as members of the army and members of the Islamic State group.

2. Mexico - 23,000

Drug wars in Mexico are to blame for the second largest deaths in 2016. Mexico's placement on the list seems surprising due to the lack of media attention the country receives when compared to other countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan. According to the chief executive director of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) John Chipman, the death toll in Mexico was caused by small arms. There was an increase in homicide rates which was a result of violence by rivaling cartels. Innocent people including journalists, government officials, and migrants have died due to their refusal to join the cartels. Significant steps have been taken to arrest drug cartels in Mexico.

1. Syria - 50,000

Syria comes in at the top of the list having the world's deadliest conflicts. In 2016, Syria's conflicts spread to other regions like Iraq. The data collected regarding the casualties showed that about 50,000 deaths occured in Syria, and almost half of the population was displaced. The increased fatalities are due to the rise of the Islamic State group which has attracted firepower from superior states such as the United States, United Kingdom, France and Russia. All of these countries are fighting to contain the group. ISIS resorts to frequent attacks on innocent civilians which has increased the number of deaths in the country.


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