The Tallest Mountains In Austria

View of the Grossglockner and Pasterze from Franz-Josefs-Höhe
View of the Grossglockner and Pasterze from Franz-Josefs-Höhe

Austria has many mountains, most of them belonging to the Alps. These mountains have glaciated scenic views which offer a breathtaking atmosphere. Austrian mountains are a popular tourist attraction, and some mountains are good for skiing and hiking purposes. If you are keen on any recreation activity such as hiking and mountain climbing, the local tourism board will have the information you need for deciding where to go. These are the tallest mountains in Austria.


At 3,798 meters, Grossglockner is the tallest mountain in Austria and also the most famous. It is found on the border between the Austrian states of Carinthia and Tyrol (East Tyrol), near the Brenner Pass, which forms the border between Italy and Austria. The Grossglockner’s name is derived from German: glocke which means bell to signify the characteristic shape of the mountain. With the construction of the High Alpine Road which passes near the mountain, the region has experienced a tourist attraction boom. The building of the road in the 1930’s solved the unemployment crisis and led to the development of the Alpine regions of Salzburg. Today, the road is the second most popular tourist destination in Austria after Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. Museums and exhibition centers on the side of the road inform about flora and fauna of the National Park, the hard labor of constructing the road and the impact it had on the local economy.


Located in the white ridge, Wildspitze is the second tallest (3,770 meters) mountain in Austria and the highest mountain in the Ötztal Alps and North Tyrol. The mountain has twin peaks which are heavily glaciated, making it popular with ice climbers. The North face is 55 degrees, and suitable for climbing in the months of July, August, and September. The first recorded successful ascent was in 1861, by L. Klotz.

Palla Bianca

The Palla Bianca is the second highest mountain in the Ötztal Alps and the third highest mountain in Austria. It rises to 3,739 meters of height. It is located on the border between Austria and Italy. Palla Bianca is centrally located in the Ötztal Alps, providing one of the best views in the entire Alps. If you are in Venice, you can see the peak of Palla Bianca. The first ascent was by Joseph Anton Specht from Vienna, guided by Leander and Nicodem Klotz from Vent on September 30, 1861.


The Glocknerwand mountain is located in the Austrian Central Alps and lies on the boundary between East Tyrol and Carinthia. It is the fourth tallest mountain in Austria with a height of 3,721 meters. This mountain has very steep rock faces making it one of the most difficult mountains to climb. The summit region of the Glocknerwand has thick snowdrifts that can be unpredictable at times. It is certainly not one of the safest mountains to climb.

Effect Of Human Activities On The Sensitive Ecosystem

Other tall mountains in Austria include GroBvenediger, Hinterer Brochkogel, Hintere Schwarze, Similaun, Vorderer Brochkogel, and GroBes Wiesbachhorn. The mountain landscapes around the Alps has been intensively used for hiking and skiing among other recreation and sports activities. This has left serious marks on the sensitive ecosystems in this region. Young trees are destroyed by widespread hiking causing disturbances of the local fauna and damaged the soil and vegetation. Additionally, global warming has decreased the size of many glaciers covering the mountains. Ecologists and climate researchers have warned that continued global warming effects can increase the number of avalanches, heavy rainfall, and landslides.

Tallest Mountains In Austria

RankTallest Mountains in AustriaElevation (Relative to Adriatic Sea Level)
1Grossglockner3,798 meters
2Wildspitze3,770 meters
3Palla Bianca3,739 meters
4Glocknerwand3,721 meters
5GroBvenediger3,666 meters
6Hinterer Brochkogel3,635 meters
7Hintere Schwarze3,628 meters
8Similaun3,599 meters
9Vorderer Brochkogel3,565 meters
10GroBes Wiesbachhorn3,564 meters

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