National Parks In New South Wales, Australia

Barrington Tops National Park.
Barrington Tops National Park.

New South Wales is a state located east coast of Australia bordered by Victoria, South Australia, and Queensland. Australia's largest city, Sydney, is located in the state. New South Wales has socially and economically transformed with the development of several sectors including agriculture, industries, and tourism. New South Wales has over 850 national parks and nature reserves covering over 7% of the state. The state experiences arid and semi-arid climate characterized by moderate rainfall throughout the year

The Ecoregions Of New South Wales

New South Wales lies within the arid and semi-arid climate with relatively high climate. The state is characterized by several ecoregions including Eastern Australian Temperate Forest which runs along the central coast from Sydney to the Great Dividing Range. The ecoregion is characterized by sandstone, shale, and extensive sand deposits and receives an annual rainfall of between 1,100 to 1,400 mm but decreases as one move towards New England region. The Southeast Australia Temperate ecoregion covers the Tableland regions of New South Wales characterized by precipitations along the south coast. The ecoregion receives high rainfall throughout the year with an average of 800-1,000 mm annually.

The Wild Flora And Fauna Of New South Wales

Flora and fauna of New South Wales are both endemic and indigenous. The state is wildlife diverse with some flora and fauna housed in the different national parks and reserves spread across the state. There are thousands of native plant species unique to New South Wales which can be found in forest and wilderness area. Some of these native species include Early Black Wattle, Honeysuckle Banksia, Dog rose, and Rock Daisy. Some of the exotic and indigenous animal species include gray kangaroos, swamp wallabies, sharks, turtles, and several snake species. There are over 200 species of birds in New South Wales most of which are migratory birds.

Threats To The Wildlife Of New South Wales

Over 1000 plants and animal species are at risk of extinction in New South Wales. Since the settlement, hundreds of species of both plants and animals in the state have become extinct including more than 60 plant species, 50 species of birds, and four species of frogs. The threats to wildlife in NSW include habitat loss through human activities such as clearing of land for agriculture, illegal logging, and fires. Invasive plants and animals introduced into the NSW have caused significant damages to the ecology of New South Wales. Climate change is also a significant threat to the wildlife with plants and animals which cannot adapt to the climate change becoming extinct. Other threats include pest, diseases, and grazing.

Establishment Of National Parks In New South Wales

The NSW has over 850 national parks and nature reserves which cover an area of about 26,000 sq miles. The state has 165 protected areas designated as national parks. The national parks range from the rainforest, waterfall, aquatic wonderland, and desert outbreak. The Royal National Park in NSW was the first to be established in Australia and the second to be created in the world in 1879. Since the establishment of the first park in NSW, several parks and reserves have been set up in the country as part of the conservation effort. The largest park in NSW is the Kosciuszko National Park created in 1944. A National Park Association was established in 1957 to manage a system of national parks in NSW. The agency led to the establishment of National Parks and Wildlife Service in 1967which is responsible for the development and management of parks. The number of national parks in NSW is expected to increase in the coming years.

Significance Of National Parks In New South Wales

The national parks in NSW play a major role in the preservation and conservation of unique habitat, flora, and fauna. The threatened species in the state have found protection in these parks leading to some of them increasing in number. The parks are also major tourist attraction contributing to the country’s revenue and growth of GDP. Some of the parks such as Mutawintji National Park are considered sacred by some of the communities living around them

National Parks In New South Wales, Australia: Role In Biodiversity Conservation

Rank Name Of National ParkDate of establishment
1Royal National Park1879
2Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park1894
3New England National Park1935
4Kosciuszko National Park1944
5Blue Mountains National Park1959
6Mount Kaputar National Park1959
7Mount Warning National Park1966
8Dorrigo National Park1967
9Kinchega National Park1967
10Warrumbungle National Park1967
11Bouddi National Park1967-10-01
12Brisbane Water National Park1967-10-01
13Dharug National Park1967-10-01
14Gibraltar Range National Park1967-10-01
15Heathcote National Park1967-10-01
16Morton National Park1967-10-01
17Barrington Tops National Park1969
18Cocoparra National Park1969-12-03
19Kanangra-Boyd National Park1969-12-03
20Macquarie Pass National Park1969-12-03
21Bald Rock National Park1971
22Ben Boyd National Park1971
23Seven Mile Beach National Park1971
24Weddin Mountains National Park1971
25Crowdy Bay National Park1972
26Guy Fawkes River National Park1972
27Hat Head National Park1972
28Mount Imlay National Park1972
29Myall Lakes National Park1972
30Sturt National Park1972
31Thirlmere Lakes National Park1972
32Wallaga Lake National Park1972
33Willandra National Park1972
34Mimosa Rocks National Park1973
35Murramarang National Park1973
36Broadwater National Park1974
37Sydney Harbour National Park1975
38Werrikimbe National Park1975
39Budawang National Park1977
40Mallee Cliffs National Park1977
41Cathedral Rock National Park1978
42Border Ranges National Park1979
43Deua National Park1979
44Marramarra National Park1979
45Mungo National Park1979
46Wadbilliga National Park1979
47Wollemi National Park1979
48Bundjalung National Park1980
49Conimbla National Park1980
50Nymboida National Park1980
51Yuraygir National Park1980
52Boonoo Boonoo National Park1982
53Tarlo River National Park1982
54Woko National Park1982
55Goulburn River National Park1983
56Nightcap National Park1983
57Washpool National Park1983
58Nangar National Park1983-08-05
59Botany Bay National Park1984
60Tomaree National Park1984
61Warrabah National Park1984
62Budderoo National Park1986
63Oxley Wild Rivers National Park1986
64Sea Acres National Park1987
65Kings Plains National Park1988
66Yengo National Park1988
67Garigal National Park1991
68Nattai National Park1991
69Wyrrabalong National Park1991
70Booti Booti National Park1992
71Cattai National Park1992
72Georges River National Park1992
73Lane Cove National Park1992
74Bournda National Park1992-04-24
75Biamanga National Park1994
76Conjola National Park1994
77Gardens of Stone National Park1994
78Popran National Park1994
79Jervis Bay National Park1995
80Bongil Bongil National Park1995-03-15
81Abercrombie River National Park1995-12
82Ben Halls Gap National Park1995-12
83Eurobodalla National Park1995-12-22
84Goobang National Park1995-12-22
85Mount Jerusalem National Park1995-12-22
86Tooloom National Park1995-12-22
87Toonumbar National Park1995-12-22
88Brindabella National Park1996
89Coolah Tops National Park1996
90Culgoa National Park1996
91Scheyville National Park1996
92Willi Willi National Park1996
93Gundabooka National Park1996-04
94Bellinger River National Park1997
95Chaelundi National Park1997
96Dooragan National Park1997
97Dunggir National Park1997
98Fortis Creek National Park1997
99Mount Royal National Park1997
100Nymboi-Binderay National Park1997
101Richmond Range National Park1997
102South East Forest National Park1997
103Mutawintji National Park1998
104Towarri National Park1998
105Bago Bluff National Park1999
106Barakee National Park1999
107Barool National Park1999
108Basket Swamp National Park1999
109Bindarri National Park1999
110Biriwal Bulga National Park1999
111Bungawalbin National Park1999
112Butterleaf National Park1999
113Capoompeta National Park1999
114Carrai National Park1999
115Cascade National Park1999
116Coorabakh National Park1999
117Cottan-Bimbang National Park1999
118Cunnawarra National Park1999
119Ghin-Doo-Ee National Park1999
120Goonengerry National Park1999
121Indwarra National Park1999
122Junuy Juluum National Park1999
123Koreelah National Park1999
124Kumbatine National Park1999
125Mallanganee National Park1999
126Maria National Park1999
127Maryland National Park1999
128Mebbin National Park1999
129Mooball National Park1999
130Mount Clunie National Park1999
131Mount Nothofagus National Park1999
132Mount Pikapene National Park1999
133Mummel Gulf National Park1999
134Nowendoc National Park1999
135Ramornie National Park1999
136Single National Park1999
137Tapin Tops National Park1999
138Ulidarra National Park1999
139Wallingat National Park1999
140Warra National Park1999
141Watagans National Park1999
142Werakata National Park1999
143Yabbra National Park1999
144Clyde River National Park2000
145Paroo-Darling National Park2000
146Kwiambal National Park2000-05-19
147Arakwal National Park2001
148Gulaga National Park2001
149Livingstone National Park2001
150Meroo National Park2001
151Oolambeyan National Park2001
152Woomargama National Park2001
153Bugong National Park2001-01-01
154Tallaganda National Park2001-01-01
155Turon National Park2002
156Belford National Park2003-01-01
157Garrawilla National Park2005
158Yanga National Park2005
159Yarrobil National Park2005
160Murray Valley National Park2010
161Murrumbidgee Valley National Park2010
162Toorale National Park2010
163Bungonia National Park2010-05
164Lachlan Valley National Park2010-07
165Dharawal National Park2012

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