Facts About California

California boasts one of the longest coastlines in the United States.
California boasts one of the longest coastlines in the United States.

California is the third most extensive state by area in the US and the most populous. It is located on the coast of Pacific Ocean. The capital city of California is Sacramento. San Diego is the largest city in the state, followed by Los Angeles by both area and population. California is popularly called the Golden State.

Facts About the State of California

  • California has the most number of national parks in the US. It has nine out of the 59 national parks in the United States. After California, The state with the second most number of parks is Alaska State which has eight national parks.
  • Out of the ten cities with the highest unemployment rates in the US, eight of them are cities in California.
  • California raises more turkeys than any other state in the United States.
  • The eighth smallest county in California called Alpine has no schools, banks, traffic lights, or ATM machines.
  • Fallbrook grows more avocados than any other county making it known as the Avocado Capital. It hosts the annual avocado festival.
  • The indigenous tribes such as Yuma, Pomo, Paiute, Maidu, and Hupa originally inhabited the state of California.
  • California is the only state that has hosted Olymics Games twice. It has hosted both winter and summer Olympic Games.
  • California is the only state that has ever reached a trillion dollar economy. The state even surpassed France in 2015 as the sixth-largest world economy.
  • Early Spanish explorers named California after “Queen Calafia” a popular character in a Spanish novel called “Las sergas de Esplandian” published in July 1510.
  • Richard and Maurice McDonald opened the first McDonald’s restaurant in California at San Berardino.
  • The California State hosts major innovative industries such as Disneyland, Barbie doll, Apple computer, and fortune cookie.
  • California is among the biggest wine producing states in the United States. It produces 17 million gallons of wine yearly.
  • California State grows half of all of the fruits and vegetables in the United States such as avocados, peaches, grapes, lemons, tangerines, plums, prunes, kiwifruit, dates, and onions.
  • The state of California is habitat to the oldest tree on earth called Methuselah. People believe the tree is approximately 4,650 years old. Methuselah is a pine tree located in the White Mountains of California.
  • California is home to the hottest place on earth called the Death Valley. In July 1913, Furnace Creek ranch in Death Valley recorded a temperature of 56.7 °C. This temperature is the highest ever recorded temperature in the world.
  • The state fish of California is the Golden Trout.
  • The San Fransisco’s Bay in California is the known as the largest landlocked harbor in the world.
  • The California tree known as the Redwood is the largest and tallest living organism in the whole world.
  • California has the best view of the US at Mount Diablo State Park. From the highest point of 3,849 feet one can see a large area of the earth’s surface than on any other peak except for the Mt. Kilimajaro peak in Africa.
  • About 71% of California residents are Christian.

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