Bermuda Triangle - Fascinating Facts And Mysteries

Sometimes called the Devil’s Triangle or Hurricane Alley, this is a region found in the western parts of the North Atlantic Ocean.
Sometimes called the Devil’s Triangle or Hurricane Alley, this is a region found in the western parts of the North Atlantic Ocean.
  • The area of the Bermuda Triangle is heavily traveled by a large number of boats and planes, so many believe that it makes sense that a lot of accidents happen there just by chance, as opposed to less-traveled areas.
  • The Bermuda Triangle has been appearing in various forms of media in pop culture for years, with most of these appearances attributing elements of paranormal activity or fantasy to the things that occur in that region.
  • There were several notable disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle region, including the Ellen Austin, the USS Cyclops, Flight 19, Connemara IV, and many more.

Humans often have a habit of believing they have more knowledge than they do. However, we know very little about our planet, and if we take a step back and look at the universe surrounding us, we know even less. When we talk about our planet, the fact that we know little about it is even more true if we focus on the oceans. A large part of our oceans are still unexplored, and who knows what kinds of mysteries and secrets they hide.

Still, one of the most well-known mysteries found in our oceans is the Bermuda Triangle. Sometimes called the Devil’s Triangle or Hurricane Alley, this is a region found in the western parts of the North Atlantic Ocean. The region is loosely defined, and it is known as the place where several ships and planes disappeared under inexplicable circumstances.

Most sources, however, refuse to believe that it is a mystery, but we still do not have a completely valid realistic explanation as to why these boats and aircrafts have disappeared. No matter the cause, this region has been the subject of many debates, and its mysteries enchant us to this day, so let’s find out more about it!

The Origin Of The Mystery

The name “Bermuda Triangle” was given to this region by writer Vincent Gaddis in 1964. He came up with the phrase while writing for the men’s pulp magazine called Argosy. Still, he was not the one that made this region famous and gave it international notoriety. Charles Berlitz was the one that did that, a man whose family was behind extremely popular language learning courses.

He was obsessed with the paranormal and believed that Atlantis was real and was connected to the Bermuda Triangle. He talked about this theory in his book, fittingly titled “The Bermuda Triangle,” and it became a bestseller. After that huge burst of popularity, many other media outlets started to talk about it, and the mystery became common knowledge.

Surreal Explanations

Many people tried to explain the mystery throughout the years. Other writers tried to expand upon the idea that the region was connected to Atlantis. They believed that this mythical city could be found at the bottom of the ocean, and it used its legendary crystal energies to sink boats and airplanes. Other theories were even more interesting.

the region was connected to Atlantis.
Some tried to connect the Bermuda Triangle the lost city of Atlantis.

One suggested that the Bermuda Triangle was a time portal, although no one could explain why a rift in the fabric of space-time appeared exactly on that spot. Others tried explaining it by involving extraterrestrials, but those theories were completely unconvincing. Still, when it comes to the Bermuda Triangle, anything is possible.

Trying To Make Sense Out Of It

Naturally, some tried giving a more realistic explanation, mostly dealing with geology. Scientists suggested that these airplanes and ships were destroyed by flammable methane gas. Pockets filled with this gas can be found near the bottom of the ocean in many places, which is a well-known fact, and these people suggest that an electrical spark or lightning ignited a bubble of methane that came to the surface and caused the ships to sink. Still, this theory is not completely valid, since methane can be found all over the world, and nowhere else did these types of accidents happen.

The Simplest Explanations Could Be True?

There are also far simpler explanations such as the appearance of sudden tidal waves. That could be a viable explanation, although it leaves plenty of other questions. On the other hand, some suggest that there was a weird geomagnetic anomaly that somehow caused problems with the navigation and confused pilots. This somehow made them plunge the airplanes into the ocean.

map of the Bermuda Triangle.
A map of the Bermuda Triangle.

This could be a valid explanation if we forget the fact that these pilots are trained to fly even without navigation, so the possibility of this happening is extremely small. Also, it does not explain how ships managed to disappear. There is an entire webpage made by The Navy dedicated to the debunking of this idea.

A Fabricated Mystery?

Many people do not believe that there is a mystery that should be explained whatsoever. Larry Kusche, a journalist, wanted to discover the origin of all of these mysteries and came up with an unexpected answer. He believed that there is no mystery whatsoever and that the stories about all of these mysterious disappearances were created by mistake.

He claimed that some people even went so far as to fabricate these tales to create a mystery. He claimed that most researchers didn’t investigate the disappearances properly and that a lot of their reports contained old data, which was mostly false. He even analyzed the books that dealt with the paranormal aspects of the Bermuda Triangle and managed to find errors there, which would mean that a lot of the mystery surrounding this region is made up of people wanting to create an interesting story.

Still, we do not know the truth about this region for sure. While many believe there to be a mystery, there are many more of those that believe there is a logical explanation to it. We do not know if we’ll ever learn the truth, but we do know that the Bermuda Triangle will continue to give us interesting stories and theories for years to come.


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