What Do the Colors and Symbols of the Flag of Peru Mean?

By Victor Kiprop on April 5 2018 in World Facts

The official flag of Peru.
The official flag of Peru.

The national Flag of Peru consists of three equal vertical stripes of red, white, and red. The red on the flag represents bloodshed while the white represents peace and justice. The flag was adopted as the country's official flag on February 25, 1824. The flag of Peru has several variants with different emblems at the center. These differing flags hoisted for unique purposes. In Peru, National Flag Day is celebrated on the 7th of June.

Variants of the Flag of Peru

State Flag

The national flag is officially known as Pabellón Nacional. It consists of red, white and red with the country’s coat of arms at the center. The flag is commonly hoisted during national ceremonies in the presence of the president, government officials, and spectators. It is also used in government offices.

Civil Ensign

The civil flag is locally known as the Bandera Nacional. It resembles the state flag but without the coat of arms. The flag is meant for public use. The civil flag resembled the state flag until 1950 when General Manuel A. Odría removed the coat of arms.

The Peruvian War Flag

The war flag is locally known as Bandera de Guerra. It is similar to the national flag, but instead of the coat of arms, it contains the national shield. The flag is used by the disciplined forces which are the police and the military.

The Peruvian Naval Jack

The Naval Jack takes a different design form the other flags. It consists of white square on the red field. The coat of arms lies at the center of the center of the flag. It is used on the country’s battleships.

History of the Peruvian Flag

The first flag of Peru was adopted for national use on October 21st, 1820. It was designed by General José de San Martín. It was diagonally quartered with red field on the left and right sides, and white on the upper and bottom quarters. An oval laurel crown was located at the center. The crown consisted of a sun rising behind a mountain located on the shore of the ocean. In March 1822 a new flag was decreed. It consisted of horizontal stripes of red-white-red stripes. A golden sun was positioned on the center of the white stripe. The flag, however, resembled the flag used in Spain at the time and thus required to be changed. The horizontal stripes were changed to vertical stripes.

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