7 North American Cities Named for Places Overseas

Paris, France or Paris, Texas?
Paris, France or Paris, Texas?

7. Delhi, Delaware

Delhi in the US is a town in the county of Delaware in New York in the United States. The city has a population of 5,117 people based on the census of 2010. It is named after the capital city of India, Delhi. The name was chosen to honor the founder Ebenezer Foote, and it pronounced DEL-hai while in India as “Delly.” It is situated in the center of the county of Delaware with an area of 167.3 kilometers square. An area of 166.3 kilometers square is covered by land and the rest by water. Based on the census of the year 2002, Delhi has a population of 4,629 people with 928 families and 1,493 households living in the town.

6. London, Ontario

London is a city in the south-west of Ontario in Canada situated along Windsor-Quebec City corridor. Its population number is 383,822 as of the year 2016. Even the river that runs through the city is named for the one in London, although in this case it is called the Thames River - not the River Thames. The city encounters much seasonal difference with summers being humid and warm to hot with temperatures of averaging 20.8 degree Celsius during July and more than 30 degrees Celsius average ten days in every year. The city was named by John Graves Simcoe in the year 1793 after the English capital of London. Simcoe did so because he and many settlers originated from Britain. He purposed London to become the capital city of Upper Canada. The word "London" is pronounced the same way in both countries.

5. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia province in Canada and it is legally referred to as the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). The township has a population of 403,131 with at least 316,701 living in urban centers. As of 2011, about 15% of the population were of 14 years or less, and 13% were of 65 years or more. The region is made up of the former Dartmouth, Halifax, Municipality of Halifax County and Bedford that merged in 1996. The city is named after George Montagu-Dunk, 2nd Earl of Halifax (2nd Earl of Halifax-Britain title) in the year 1749 and became the capital of British colony after Annapolis Royal. The name is pronounced same in both cities. The Municipality covers an area of 5,577 kilometers square, approximately 10% of the whole area of Nova Scotia. The climate is humid with a season of mild winters and warm summers because of the moderating effect of the Gulf Stream. The Halifax City has many public areas such as historic sites, urban gardens, public squares, and forested parks. The Municipality is divided into eighteen planned community places, further subdivided into villages.

4. St. Petersburg, Florida

St. Petersburg is a municipality in the county of Pinellas, Florida in the United States. The city, established in the year 1888, was named after the Saint Petersburg in Russia by John C. Williams who bought the area. He did so after winning a toss bet between himself and Peter Demens, a man who established and operated the railroad industry in the area. The city is commonly known as St. Pete by the surrounding community, giving a different pronunciation from the one of Saint Petersburg in Russia. Topographically, the city has a land area of 137.6 kilometers square and 75.9 kilometers squared of water. The city shares boundaries with three water bodies namely, the Middle Tamba Bay, Lower Tamba Bay, and the Old Tamba Bay of which they form Tamba Bay. St. Petersburg experiences seasons of rains from July to the end of September and usually experiences frequent hurricanes and tropical storms. The temperature ranges from four degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius.

3. Cairo, Illinois

Cairo, the city of Alexander County, is situated in the southern part of the United States. Cairo is pronounced KAY-ro by people residing outside and CARE-o by the inhabitants. The city is located at the convergence of Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and named after Cairo, the capital city of Egypt. As per the census of 2010, the city occupies an area of 23.53 kilometers square whereby 18.05 kilometers square is covered by land and the remaining 5.48 kilometers square is water. Cairo experiences a moist climate with hot summers. The Cairo city has some significant landmarks such as the Magnolia Manor (a manor constructed by Charles A. Galigher, a trader from Cairo in the year 1869), Fort Defiance Park, and Gem Theatre.

2. Paris, Texas

Paris, Texas, is the county and the capital city of Lamar County in Texas of United States. The city was named after Paris, the capital of France in 1843 by the then county commissioners of Lamar with an intention to replicate the features of Paris, France. Geographically, Paris, Texas covers an area of 115 kilometers squared, with 111 kilometers squared being land and the remaining occupied by water bodies. It experiences a warmer summer with a temperature of about 35 degrees Celsius both in July and the month of August. The lowest temperature of winter averages 11 degrees Celsius. Paris, Texas has populations of 25,172 based on the census done in the year 2010 with a density of 605.7 people per 233.9 kilometers square.

1. Athens, Georgia

Athens is the county city of the state of Georgia in the United States of America, and it is situated south-east of the country.The city consists of the previous county seat, Athens and the county of Clarke. It is named after the capital city of Greece, although in the US the most common pronounciation is EIGHTH-ens. Geographically, based on the United States Census Bureau, Athens covers an area of 306.1 kilometers square with 305.1 kilometers square occupied by land leaving 1.3 kilometers square for water bodies. The city experiences a humid climate with cool and hot winters and summers respectively.


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