5 Unique Bike Rides in the USA

Mountain biking is not only fun, but also a fantastic form of exercise.

The US is home to numerous bike paths and trails where the bike is the king of the road. If one is looking for a summer adventure that takes one off the beaten path, a journey by bicycle may be the way to go. Below are some of the best bicycle routes in the US which offer spectacular scenery throughout the trails.

5. Iron Ore Heritage Trail - Marquette County, MI

Trail Route: The Marquette Welcome Center through the Republic West of Marquette

Length: 47 miles

Bike Rentals Available: Yes

Difficulty: Intermediate

The Iron Heritage Trail is a hiking and bicycle trail located in the county of Marquette in the state of Michigan. The trail features some of the primary sites of geological and human heritage located on the Marquette Iron Range. The trail has an elevation change of 1,000 feet and the trailheads are located in the Republic West of Marquette and the Marquette Welcome Center. The Marquette Iron Range is a commercially and historically significant range of magnetite and hematite which were mined as iron ore for over 150 years. The Iron Heritage Trail was completed in 2013 but has since been upgraded several times.

4. The Reservations Ride - Needham, MA

Trail Route: Dover through Central Street, Widow Street, Noanet Woodlands to the Ridge Hill Reservation

Length: 20 miles

Bike Rentals Available: Yes

Difficulty: Beginner

The Reservations Ride located in the town of Needham in Norfolk County, Massachusetts is a bicycle trail filled with a wide array of picturesque scenes such as horse farms, woodlands, meadows, and six reservations. The six reservations include the Noanet Reservation, Rocky Woods Reservation, Fork Factory Brook Reservation, Chase Woodlands Reservation, Peters Reservation, and the Ridge Hill Reservation. The bike ride takes about 2-3 hours depending on the rider's speed. Its smooth blacktop road makes it easy and convenient for a family adventure.

3. Withlacoochee State Trail - Various Counties, FL

Trail Route: The Gulf Junction at Citrus through Hernando and the Pasco Counties to Owensboro Junction

Length: 46 miles

Bike Rentals Available: Yes

Difficulty: Intermediate

Located in Citrus, Hernando, and Pasco counties, the Withlacoochee State Trail is a multiple use, long paved and nonmotorized rail in the US state of Florida. The trail journeys along the Withlacoochee River, passing through the Withlacoochee State Forest. The Withlacoochee State Trail is Florida's longest paved trail and is open daily from 8.00 am until sundown.

2. Virginia Creeper Trail - Whitetop, VA

Trail Route: Abingdon through Watauga, Alvarado, Damascus, Straight Branch, Taylors Valley, Creek Junction, Green Cove, and Whitetop

Length: 35 miles

Bike Rentals Available: Yes

Difficulty: Beginner and Intermediate

The Virginia Creeper Trail located in the southwestern region of Virginia is a multi-purpose rail trail that runs through National Forest from Abingdon and crosses some restored trestles before crossing the Appalachian Trail. The rail trail originally belonged to the Abingdon Coal and Iron Railroad and dates back to the 1880s. However, the company went out of business before it opened and its assets were bought by the Southern and Virginia-Carolina Railway.

1. Bayshore Bikeway - San Diego, CA

Trail Route: Downtown San Diego through Coronado and South Bay

Length: 24 miles

Bike Rentals Available: Yes

Difficulty: Beginner

The Bayshore Bikeway, located in San Diego, is a 24-mile bicycle circuit which features 13 miles of car-free bicycle paths. The rest of Bayshore Bikeway comprises of on-screen sections that are either designated as bicycle routes or bicycle lanes. The bikeway plays a significant role both as a tourist destination and a source of employment for the locals.


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