5 Unique Bars to Visit in London

London is so full of pubs that sometimes it is hard to choose which one to visit.
London is so full of pubs that sometimes it is hard to choose which one to visit.

London is home to some of the finest pubs and bars in the world. With countless varieties of upscale, themed, historical, and happening bars, London is the perfect place to loosen up and create great memories. Exquisite food, exclusive and vintage wine collections, signature cask ales, and mesmerizing ambiances are common elements of the nightlife in London. Here are five unique bars in London you will want to check out.

5. The Dove

The Dove has been a favorite hangout place of notables including James Thomson, Charles II, and A.P. Herbert since the seventeenth century. At this bar, you are able to enjoy a delightful blend of taste and history as you satisfy your hunger with signature dishes made with fine ingredients. If you are feeling thirsty, there is an extensive variety of exclusive and vintage wines, cask ales, and cocktails. Teas and coffees are also available if you are wanting to skip out on alcohol.

4. The Four Quarters

The Four Quarter has movie nights, classic arcade games, live music, coffee, food, and alcohol. This bar will make you feel like you are back in the 90's with the ability to play classic arcade games like Pac-Man and Street Fighter while sipping on your favorite beverage. A confession box is also available if you have any secrets you want to put to rest. With in-house exclusive dishes that cater to both meat eaters and vegetarians, finding food will not be an issue at this London bar.

3. Sherlock Holmes

If you are looking for a bar with mouthwatering snacks, classic sandwiches, and a traditional Sunday roast with a variety of wines from Europe, Australia and the Americas, Sherlock Holmes is the perfect choice for you. Sherlock Holmes is a themed restaurant and one of the best traditional pubs in London. At this bar you are able to eat and drink in the study or sitting room of Sherlock Holmes and Watson where you will be surrounded by a number of objects relating to the main characters on the show. There is also a roof garden if you feel like you need an escape.

2. Dive Bar at Ape & Bird

Dive Bar at Ape & Bird is the fifth famous Polpo Branch in London. With a variety of tasty bites, some of the best spritzes in London, and delicious Prosecco, this bar is a great choice if you are looking for a romantic and elegant ambience. There is a separate bar area which is the perfect hideaway place. Since this bar is in the middle of many tourist attractions, you are able to casually eat and drink as you mingle with new people.

1. The Dead Dolls House Islington

The Dead Dolls House Islington is the perfect place for clubbing, fine dining, drinking, and hosting events and parties. This three-floor Victorian townhouse is divided into a parlor, library, dining room, and ballroom. There is a fine collection of wines, cocktails, and beers to quench your thirst as well as seasonal menus with a variety of exotic foods to satisfy your hunger. Make sure to bring your dancing shoes along as this bar has live music played by resident DJs.


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