The Best Places to Visit in British Columbia

Lakes and mountains abound in British Columbia, Canada.
Lakes and mountains abound in British Columbia, Canada.

British Columbia, Canada’s westernmost province, has a stunning natural beauty. Here are the top five locations where visitors can enjoy. The coastal part of the southern British Columbia receives a mild and rainy Oceanic climate, while other parts receive the warm summer Mediterranean climate. The climate is a result of Kuroshio Current merging into Northern Pacific Ocean drift current. As a result of successive mountains creating blockage, the climate in the interior of the province is semi arid and it is the mildest out of anywhere in the country.

5. Whistler

The village of Whistler.

Whistler is a resort town in the Coastal Mountains of the province. More than two million tourists visit this resort town for snowboarding and alpine skiing every year. During summer, essential events include mountain biking at the Whistler Blackcomb. Hikers, golfers, and people watchers flood the pedestrian village. The entry to Whistler from Vancouver is also breathtaking.The Sea-to-Sky Highway access road follows a stunning coastline.

Whistler has been voted the North American’s top tourist destinations since 1990s. Most of the Nordic, luge, alpine, bobsled, and skeleton events of the 2010 Winter Olympics were held in Whistler. Also, the alpine village complements the towns with its urban centers, vibrant nightlife, luxurious hotels and revitalizing spas.

4. Stanley Park

Fall foliage in Stanley Park.

A trip to BC is not complete if Stanley Park is not on the list. The gardens of Stanley Park offer a sight to behold with its wide array of flowers. If nature is your thing, Stanley Park is home to centuries old trees like the Douglas fir, western red cedar, and bigleaf maple. The park boasts of the most stunning habitats of boggy wetlands, coniferous forests, rocky shores, and a vast wildlife.

3. Okanagan Valley

The beautiful Okanagan Valley.

The Okanagan Valley is a must visit place in British Columbia. Enjoy the lake views inspired by the lush agricultural lands. The Sip Stellar offers a magnificent view of the Naramata beach. Also, you can bike and hike in the mountains, splash in the lake or just tea off in the lucrative golf courses. Or just detour yourself to the Fruit Salad capital of Canada Keremeos. As for the winter, Okanagan transforms into a soft and fluffy snow. Play in the snow and enjoy your life.

2. Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

The beautiful beaches of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.

When talking about pristine wilderness and long beaches, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve should top the list. This reserve is home to endless and flawless beaches. It also boasts of a thriving and honorific surf culture with Surf lessons on Long Beach. Rediscover the pirate in you with the West Coast Trail, an adventurous trail once followed by ship-wrecked sailors. The kayaked paradise of Broken Group Islands has more than 100 islets that will leave you breathless. In summer, a crowd of thrill seekers and families enjoy the serene beauty of this reserve. During your visit, remember to sample the fresh-off-the-boat seafood and take a walk in Tofino to enjoy the local artists.

1. Yoho National Park

Peyto Lake, Yoho National Park.

For those with wanderlust and avid hikers, Yoho National Park is a dream come true. The park’s towering peaks offer an expanse of glaciers and awe-filled waterfalls. Remember to visit the Spiral Tunnels, famed for their engineered marvel. How the engineers managed to construct a railway with such relief is epic. Take the guided hike that leads up to the Burgess Shale to see the half a billion old fossils. Evolution and history are not your thing? You can leisurely take a stroll along the Emerald Lake and the Wapta Falls. For the young at heart, better grab your hiking boots and have a marvelous day on the Iceline Trail- the park's high elevation.


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