10 Interesting And Unique Facts About Baku

The Flame Towers of Baku, Azerbaijan.
The Flame Towers of Baku, Azerbaijan.

Baku is the largest city and capital of Azerbaijan. Located on the shores of the Caspian Sea, the Baku covers an area of 830 sq mi and has a population of 2,262,600, which ranks as the largest city in the Caucasus region. Given that human settlement in the area dates back to the Stone Age, the city has a rich culture and history. A series of interesting facts about Baku are highlighted below.

10. Baku Is the World’s Lowest Lying National Capital

Located at an elevation of 28 meters (92 feet) below sea level, Baku is the world’s lowest-lying national capital city. It is also the world’s biggest city located below sea-level.

9. Baku Is the Largest City on the Caspian Sea and in the Caucasus Region

Located in the Caucasus region and along western coast of the Caspian Sea, the city has an area of 2,140 sq km (830 sq mi) and a population greater than 2 million. It is the largest city in the Caucasus region, as well as largest located coast of the Caspian Sea.

8. Baku Has a Museum Dedicated to Miniature Books

Baku has a unique museum devoted to miniature books. Opened in 2002, the Baku Museum of Miniature Books is the only one of its kind in the world. The museum features over 6,500 books from 64 nations. Additionally, three of the world’s smallest books, which can only be read with the use of a magnifying glass, are kept in the museum.

7. The Inspiring Flame Towers Are Located in Baku

Named the Flame Towers, the trio of skyscrapers was designed to appear like the flames of a fire. Located in Baku, the towers symbolize the long history of fire worshipping in Azerbaijan. The Flame Towers, the tallest of which has a height of 597 feet, contain residential apartments, a hotel, and office units. At night, LED screens on the towers display a moving fire that can be seen from the edges of the city. These unique towers have been featured on the Discovery Channel's documentary, Extreme Engineering.

6. Baku Has a Museum Dedicated to Carpets

The Azerbaijan Carpet Museum in Baku contains the world’s largest collection of Azerbaijani carpets. Opened in 2014, the museum was built in the shape of a folded carpet and features beautiful floral designs. Carpet-weaving demonstrations can be observed at the museum.

5. Armwrestling Is Popular in Baku

Armwrestling is popular in Baku. In fact, the city features gyms and bars that host arm wrestling matches. The World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) even has an office located in Baku.

4. Baku Is Located in Close Proximity to Mud Volcanoes

Several mud volcanoes are located near the city. These volcanoes bubble mud that releases gases, especially methane, but also erupt occasionally, releasing flames as high as 1 km into the air.

3. Baku Has a Memorial Dedicated to a Super-Spy

Baku has a memorial in Zorge Park dedicated to the super-spy, Richard Sorge. Acting as a journalist in both Germany and Japan during the Second World War, Sorge was a Soviet intelligence officer that provided information which was crucial in Operation Barbarossa.

2. Baku Features a “Little Venice”

“Little Venice on the Boulevard” is a popular tourist destination in Baku. Like Venice, Italy, the tourist destination offers gondola rides to visitors through its shallow waterways and bridges.

1. The Ever-Burning Yanar Dag Is Located Near Baku

The Yanar Dag is a natural gas fire that burns continuously. Located near Baku, on a hillside in the Absheron Peninsula, flames from the Yanar Dag rise up 9.8 feet above the ground. A steady supply, called a "seep," of underground natural gas keeps the fire continuously burning.


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