10 Countries With The Highest Number Of ATMs Per Capita

ATM machines are present in virtually every country in the world.
ATM machines are present in virtually every country in the world.

With technology spreading worldwide in this age of globalization, ATMs are present in all countries of the world. The World Bank has compiled a report stating the countries by the number of ATMs per capita. Below is a list of some of these countries that have the highest number of ATMs per 100,000 individuals.

1. Macau

Macau, a Chinese Special Administrative Region, is the world’s most densely populated country. It is located on the estuary of the Pearl River. Macau is known for its casinos that generate more revenues that casinos in any other part of the world. Even the casinos in "The Strip" in Las Vegas generates seven times lower revenue than those in Macau. Given its high population density and a large number of cash-consuming casinos, it is not surprising that Macau has the highest ATM density in the world of 313 ATMs per 100,000 adults.

2. Canada

Canada, despite its low population density, has the second highest ATM density in the world. There are around 228 ATMs per 100,000 people in the country. ATMs are found in several places throughout the country including lobbies next to bank branches, supermarkets, restaurants and bars, petrol stations, shopping malls, and on the streets. The five major Canadian banks have their ATMs everywhere. There are also some white label ATMs that lack any bank branding.

3. San Marino

The tiny enclaved microstate of San Marino is located on the Italian Peninsula where it is surrounded by Italy on all sides. It is the fifth smallest country in the world. The people of San Marino are generally quite well-off and enjoy high standards of living. Cash is handy in the country due to a large number of ATMs installed there. The country has around 183 ATMs per 100,000 individuals.

4. Portugal

With about 168 ATMs per 100,000 people, Portugal ranks as the fourth country with the largest number of ATMs per head. The country has an efficient and modern banking system with ATM machines called Multibanco available widely throughout the nation. The ATMs in the country offer a wide range of services including payments and phone recharges. The multi-functionality of the Portuguese Multibanco makes it one of the best in the world.

5. Russia

Russia ranks fifth in the list with about 164 ATMs per 100,000 people. In Russia, most of the ATMs are concentrated in its larger cities like St Petersburg and Moscow. However, as one heads out into the sparsely populated Russian countryside, ATMs become rarer. Travelers are suggested to carry some cash with them while heading into the isolated and rural areas.

10 Countries With The Highest Number Of ATMs Per Capita

RankCountryNumber of ATM machines per 100,000 individuals
1Macao SAR, China313.15
3San Marino182.89
5Russian Federation163.93
8United Kingdom128.13

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