10 Beautiful Places in China

The famous Five Flower Lake in the Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve, Sichuan, China.
The famous Five Flower Lake in the Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve, Sichuan, China.

China, the world's most populated country and third-largest by land area, is not always known for its natural splendour. It is clear from these photos, however, that it should be! From mountains in the west, desert in the south, lush greenery in the east, and tropical climates in the south, China is arguably one of the world's most naturally diverse nations.

10. Qingdao

The boardwalk of Qingdao.

Qingdao is a town located in China’s Shandong province. It is a magnificent town which has ancient German-style architecture. It also possesses many beautiful beaches and parks which border the Yellow Sea. Qingdao city is famous for the production of the mellow Tsingtao beer which is a legacy of the German population who occupied it many years ago. Major attraction sites in the city include Eight Passes Villas, Mt. Laoshan, Golden Sand Beach, Zhan Bridge, and an Underwater World. Additionally, Qingdao International Beer Festival is a major event that draws many visitors to the city.

9. Tiger Leaping Gorge

Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan, China.

The Tiger Leaping Gorge is a scenic trek which is located near Lijiang city in Yunnan, China. It is one of the naturally beautiful sites to behold while in China. The awe-inspiring Tiger Leaping Gorge is found along the Jinsha River and is known for being one of the deepest gorges in the world. The trail covers between Qiatou and Walnut Grove stretching towards Daju and Baishuitai. It goes through quiet villages, terraced farmland, and a shady forest among other places. The name is believed to have originated from a legend that alludes that a tiger had been seen using the rock as a stepping stone to leap across the river.

8. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

The unearthly landscape of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is a stunningly beautiful forest park found in Zhangjiajie City in Hunan Province. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which derives its beauty from the pillars on it. The pillars have been formed over the years by physical erosion and the growth of the plants on them. They form a distinct hallmark in the landscape of China as evidenced by the many ancient Chinese paintings. A unique feature of the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is the Bailong Elevator. The 326 meters high elevator is the world’s tallest lift.

7. Yading Nature Reserve

Autumn in the Yading Nature Reserve.

Yading Nature Reserve is a mountain sanctuary in Daocheng County, Sichuan Province. It was introduced to the world by an article which was published by Joseph Rock, an American explorer, and botanist. The Yading Nature Reserve is a gorgeous site in the Tibetan plateau region. It is surrounded by sacred snow-clad mountains namely Chenrezig, Chanadorje, and Jabeyang. Being one of the adorable natural scenery, Yading Nature Reserve is referred to as “The last piece of pure land on the blue planet.” Chenrezig is the highest peak in Yading Nature Reserve.

6. Jiuzhaigou National Park

The Nuo Ri Lang Waterfall in Jiuzhaigou National Park.

Jiuzhaigou National Park is a nature reserve as well as a national reserve. It is located in Sichuan province. This Chinese wonder is famous for the countless waterfalls, snow-clad peaks, and colorful lakes that are within it. Its landscape has been shaped by the continuous hydrological, glacial and tectonic activity which it experiences. One of the popular features of the reserve is the Five Flower Lake. Jiuzhaigou National Park is both a World Biosphere Reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site. It received these accolades in 1997 and 1992 respectively. The park is home to the endangered golden snub-nosed monkey and the giant panda.

5. Yangshuo County

Yangshuo, Guangxi and its unique karst landscape.

Yangshuo County is in the Guangxi province and covers an area of 1,400 square kilometers. The landmarks in the county are the Li River, Moon Hill, Yulong River, and Silver Cave. Moon Hill is a famous crag which contains 5.13 graded lines. It is an internationally acclaimed tourist destination which is characterized by lush vegetation, ancient Chinese architecture and customs, crystal clear rivers, and limestone crags. It has the most impressive karst landscape in the world. The best time to visit Yanghshuo County is during the spring and fall seasons. One is assured of an appealing dry and warm weather.

4. Wuyi Mountains

The beautiful and unique Wuyi Mountains.

Wuyi Mountains are over 4,000 years old. They are a beautiful mountain range located in Nanping, Fujian province. The ecology of Wuyi Mountains has survived since the Ice Age which was three million years ago. It is important for its scenic, cultural and biodiversity values. As such it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. There is a total of 5,000 animals who inhabit the area. Out of these are 475 species of vertebrates and 4,635 species of insects. The Wuyi Mountains are an idyllic tourist destination for nature lovers.

3. Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

The colorful ice festival of Harbin, China.

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is an international annual winter festival that takes place in Heilongjiang, China. The official festival start date is January 5. The Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is popular for its biggest ice sculptures in the world. The exhibition of sculptures is done in two main areas namely Sun Island and Ice and Snow World. Other venues used during the festival are Zhaolin Park, Sun Island, Stalin Park, and Songhua River. Furthermore, several activities which visitors can engage in swimming, ice sailing, mount skiing, and speed skating.

2. Gobi Desert

The Gobi Desert is found in both China and Mongolia.

The Gobi Desert is the second largest desert in Asia and the fifth largest in the world. The desert is located in both Mongolia and China. The desert has a large barren expanse which is rocky and has a few sand dunes. Gobi Desert is known for its ancient fossil treasures such as dinosaur eggs and prehistoric stone implements. The Gobi has a harsh climate which is a cold, frosty, and sometimes snowy desert. It receives about 194 millimeters of rain annually. Gobi Desert is inhabited by animals such as sand plovers, wild Bactrian camels, black-tailed gazelles, and marbled polecats.

1. Hangzhou

West Lake, Hangzhou, China.

Huangzhou is the capital city and the most populated in Zhejiang Province, China. It is ranked among the Seven Ancient Capitals of China. In the past millennium, the city has grown to be the most prominent and prosperous in China. The West Lake, which is found in the city, is a World Heritage site and a common tourist destination site. The lake has several temples, gardens, artificial islands, and pagodas. Huangzhou is expected to host the 2022 Asian Games. It is the third Chinese city to host the event.


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