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Currencies of the World

Find below a table indicating the currency around the world. 

Country Currency Sub Currency
Afghanistan afghani 100 puls
Algeria dinar 100 centimes
Andorra euro 100 cents
Argentina peso 100 centavos
Australia dollar 100 cents
Austria euro 100 cents
Bahamas dollar 100 cents
Bahrain dinar 1,000 fils
Barbados dollar 100 cents
Belgium euro 100 cents
Belize dollar 100 cents
Benin franc 100 centimes
Bolivia boliviano 100 centavos
Brazil real 100 centavos
Brunei dollar 100 cents or sen
Bulgaria lev 100 stotinki
Country Currency Sub Currency
Cameroon franc 100 centimes
Canada dollar 100 cents
Cayman Islands dollar 100 cents
Central African Rep. franc 100 centimes
Chad franc 100 centimes
Chile peso 100 centavos
China yuan 10 fen
Colombia peso 100 centavos
Congo franc 100 centimes
Costa Rica colon 100 centimos
Cuba peso 100 centavos
Cyprus (Greek) euro 100 cents
Cyprus (Turkish) lira 100 kurus
Czechoslovakia koruna 100 halers
Denmark krone 100 ore
Djibouti franc 100 centimes
Dominican Rep. peso 100 centavos
Ecuador dollar 100 cents
Egypt pound 100 piastres
El Salvador colon 100 centavos
Ethiopia birr 100 cents
Fiji dollar 100 cents
Finland euro 100 cents
Country Currency Sub Currency
France euro 100 cents
Gabon franc 100 centimes
Gambia dalasi 100 bututs
Germany euro 100 cents
Ghana cedi 100 pesewas
Greece euro 100 cents
Guatemala quetzal 100 centavos
Guinea franc 100 centimes
Guyana dollar 100 cents
Haiti gourde 100 centimes
Honduras lempira 100 centavos
Hong Kong dollar 100 cents
Hungary forint 100 filler
Iceland Krona 100 aurar
India rupee 100 paise
Indonesia rupiah 100 sen
Iraq dinar 1,000 fils
Ireland euro 100 cents
Israel shekel 100 agorot
Italy euro 100 cents
Ivory Coast franc 100 centimes
Jamaica dollar 100 cents
Japan yen 100 cen
Jordan dinar 1,000 fils
Kenya shilling 100 cents
Kuwait dinar 1,000 fils
Lebanon pound 100 piastres
Luxembourg euro 100 cents
Country Currency Sub Currency
Malawi kwacha 100 tambala
Malaysia ringgit 100 sen
Maldives rufiyaa 100 laari
Malta euro 100 cents
Mauritania ouguiya 5 khoums
Mauritius rupee 100 cents
Mexico peso 100 centavos
Mongolia tugrik 100 mongo
Montenegro euro 100 cents
Morocco dirham 100 centimes
Nepal rupee 100 paisa
Netherlands euro 100 cents
New Zealand dollar 100 cents
Nicaragua cordoba 100 centavos
Niger franc 100 centimes
Norway krone 100 ore
Oman riyal-omani 1,000 baiza
Pakistan rupee 100 paisa
Papua New Guinea kina 100 toea
Paraguay guarani 100 centimos
Peru inti 100 centimes
Philippines peso 100 centavos
Poland zloty 100 groszy
Portugal euro 100 cents
Qatar riyal 100 dirhams
Romania leu 100 bani
Russia ruble 100 kopeks
Rwanda franc 100 centimes
Saudi Arabia riyal 100 halalas
Senegal franc 100 centimes
Serbia dinar 100 paras
Seychelles rupee 100 cents
Country Currency Sub Currency
Sierra Leone leone 100 cents
Singapore dollar 100 cents
Slovakia koruna
Slovenia euro 100 cents
Solomon Islands dollar 100 cents
Somalia shilling 100 cents
South Africa rand 100 cents
South Korea won 100 chon
Spain euro 100 cents
Sri Lanka rupee 100 cents
Sudan dinar
Suriname guilder 100 cents
Sweden krona 100 ore
Switzerland franc 100 centimes
Syria pound 100 piastres
Taiwan dollar 100 cents
Tanzania shilling 100 cents
Thailand baht 100 satang
Togo franc 100 centimes
Trinidad & Tobago dollar 100 cents
Tunisia dinar 1,000 millimes
Turkey lira 100 kurus
shilling 100 cents
Ukraine hryvnia 100 kopiyka
United Arab Emir. dirham 1,000 fils
United Kingdom pound 100 pence
United States dollar 100 cents
Uruguay peso 100 centesimos
Venezuela bolivar 100 centimos
Vietnam dong 100 xu
Western Samoa tala 100 sene
Zambia kwacha 100 ngwee
Zimbabwe dollar 100 cents

Note: currencies often change value without notice

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