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Colombian Symbols

Colombia's Information

Flag of Colombia
Land Area 1,038,700 km2
Water Area 100,210 km2
Total Area 1,138,910km2 (#25)
Population 47,220,856 (#29)
Population Density 45.46/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $688.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $14,100
Currency Peso (COP)
More Information Colombia Colombia Map
Largest Cities
  • Bird: Andean condor
  • Coat of Arms:

    colombia coat of arms

  • Coat of Arms: At the top of the Coat of Arms is the Andean Condor, an endangered species. The shield of the Coat of Arms is divided into three sections. The base section shows the Isthmus of Panama, which used to belong to Colombia. The middle section uses a Phrygian cap to symbolize freedom. The top section shows a pomegranate with two cornucopia, which is a colonial symbol for the Viceroyalty of New Grenada.

    Behind the shield is a sail made from the Colombian flag, drapped over spears. Above the shield are the words "Libertad Y Orden" meaning "Liberty and Order".
  • Flag of Colombia
  • Flower: Cattleya Trianae (May Flower)
  • Motto: "Libertad y Orden" "Liberty and Order"
  • Tree: Wax Palm Tree

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