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Named to honor the future Queen Anne, "Anne's City" was invested with its charter in 1708. The Maryland State House is the oldest legislative building still in use in the United States. The Treaty of Paris was ratified in the state house, formally ending the American Revolutionary War and making Annapolis the first peacetime capitol.

Home of the United States Navel Academy, this Atlantic seaport city has over 500 miles of shore. Walking and cruise tours are available to explore the coastline. The City Dock is located in the heart of the historic district and bustles with pleasure craft, fishing boats and the Market House.

The beautiful Maryland waterfront is popular with sailors and boat motorists. Annapolis is home to a thriving theatre community. Playhouses put on a wide variety of shows year round, many of which can be viewed outdoors and for free.

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  • The nation's largest collection of 18th century architecture resides in Annapolis.
  • Four of Maryland's signers of the Declaration of Independence lived in Annapolis.
  • Annapolis was the temporary capitol of the United States from 1783-1784 and was the site of George Washington's resignation.
  • Annapolis battles Newport, Rhode Island for the title of America's Sailing Capitol.
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  • Pirate Adventures on the Chesapeake
    This is an incredibly fun and immersive experience for kids of all ages. Children experience a roaring pirate adventure, sailing away on a pirate ship in search of buried treasure! Young pirates learn the rules of the sea and safety and then read a mysterious Treasure Map to lead them to the sunken prize. Sail the Chesapeake, hear the songs and tales, and meet Pirate Pete, the stinkiest scallywag that ever sailed the seas.
  • Capital City Colonials Annapolis Tours
    Go back to 18th century Annapolis by taking a walking tour of the region. See the historical churches and state houses. Take part in the Annapolis Food and History Tour and taste some delicious local food while learning about this influential U.S. city. Maybe you'd like to gain knowledge about the Women of the 18th century or see some of the beautiful colonial homes of Annapolis. Folks with a keen curiosity about our Maryland natives will enjoy the Gossip tour! Many of these unique tours include lunch with a liberal dose of learning.
  • Schooner Woodwind Cruises
    It's no secret that Annapolis is the capitol of sailing so why not experience a true sailing adventure right on Chesapeake Bay? Taking a sail on the boat "Woodwind" includes a two hour cruise, including dinner or wine cruise themes. Perhaps you want to have your own private cruise to mark a very special occasion or just to pamper yourself. The Woodwind II will take a group of people aboard and teach your party how to work as a team to care for the boat and sail this majestic vessel. What New Orleans, Louisiana is to the southern blues scene, Chicago brings to the windy northern plains of the American heartland.
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