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Turks and Caicos Islander Flag

Turks and Caicos's Information

Flag of Turks and Caicos
Land Area 948 km2
Total Area 948km2
Population 51,430 (#209)
Population Density 54.25/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Democracy (House Of Assembly); Self-governing Overseas Territory Of The UK
GDP (PPP) $632.00 Million
GDP Per Capita $29,100
Currency Dollar (USD)
Turks and Caicos Flag:
Flag of Turks and Caicos

The current flag of the Turks and Caicos was officially adopted in 1968.

As an overseas territory of the United Kingdom, the islands fly the (UK) flag.

Larger Turks and Caicos flag

Turks and Caicos Coat of Arms:
Coat of arms of turks and caicos

The coat of arms shield displays a conch shell and a crayfish representing the local fishing industry, and a flowering cactus representing local flora.

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