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Puerto Rican Symbols

Physical Map of Puerto Rico showing relief, islands, mountain ranges, important settlements, etc. atlantic ocean caribbean sea large puerto rico map
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Flag of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico's Quick Facts

Land Area 8,870 km2
Water Area 4,921 km2
Total Area 13,791 km2
Population 3,578,056
Population Density 259.45 / km2
Government Type Presidential Democracy; A Self-Governing Commonwealth In Political Association With The Us
GDP (PPP) $131.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $37,700
Currency Dollar (USD)
Largest Cities
  • San Juan (2,448,417)
  • Aguadilla-Isabela-San Sebastian (299,956)
  • Animal: Coqui frog
  • Bird: Puerto Rican Woodpecker
  • Coat of Arms:
    Puerto Rico coat of arms

  • Coat of Arms: Puerto Rico's coat of arms was adopted on June 3, 1976. The green background of the shield represents the vegetation of the island, and the Lamb of God and cross flag are associated with the patron saint of the island - St. John the Baptist. The book the lamb rests upon is symbolic of the Book of Revelations. The shield is bordered by 16 different elements: the castles and lions represent the Kingdom of Castile and Leon, and the cross of Jerusalem for the Kingdom of Jerusalem. To the left of the shield, a golden crowned 'F' represents Ferdinand II of Aragon. To the right, a golden crowned 'Y' represents Ysabel (Isabella I of Castile). Underneath the shield Puerto Rico's motto is displayed in Latin, a quotation from the Vulgate of Luke 1:63, which means "John is his name." This refers to St. John the Baptist.
  • Flag of Puerto Rico
  • Flower: Puerto Rican Hibiscus (Maga)
  • Motto: "Joannes Est Nomen Eius" "John is his name"
  • Tree: Kapok tree

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