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Sweden History Timeline

Sweden's Information

Flag of Sweden
Land Area 410,335 km2
Water Area 39,960 km2
Total Area 450,295km2 (#55)
Population 9,880,604 (#89)
Population Density 24.08/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
GDP (PPP) $498.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $49,700
Currency Krona (SEK)
Largest Cities

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500s - 800s
  • (500) Kingdom of Svear created (first Swedish state)
  • (516) Hygelac, King of the Geats, led attack on Frisia
  • (550) Gotlanders came under Swedish protection
  • (800) Svear conquered Gotar in southern Sweden; Birka founded on island of Bjorko
  • (829) Christianity introduced by St. Ansgar
  • (860) Swedish Vikings attacked Constantinople
1000s - 1100s
  • (1000) Svein Forkbeard, King of Denmark, and Olaf Eiriksson, King of Sweden, defeated King Olaf Tryggvason in naval Battle of Svolder; Birka destroyed; Swedes lost control of Hedeby
  • (1022) Anund Jakob became king
  • (1026) Canute the Great attacked Swedes and Norwegians at Battle of Holy River; Canute victorious; controlled Scandinavia
  • (1050) Edmund the Old became king of Sweden
  • (1054) Sweden and Denmark set boundaries
  • (1066) Halsten crowned king
  • (1070) Halsten deposed; Hakon the Red became King
  • (1150) Erik IX crowned King
  • (1160) King Erik IX killed by Danish prince
  • (1187) Estonian raiders sacked, burned Sigtuna
1200s - 1300s
  • (1208) King Sverker overthrown at Battle of Lena
  • (1220) Swedish fleet attacked Estonia
  • (1229) Folkungs deposed King Eriksson
  • (1233) King Eriksson returned to rule
  • (1250) King Eriksson died; Valdemar crowned King; Birger Jarl declared regent until Valdemar became of age
  • (1251) Folkungs rose against rule of Jarl and Valdemar; lost at Herrevads Bridge
  • (1266) King Valdemar overthrown by brothers
  • (1275) King Valdemar deposed
  • (1292) Swedish expansion reached Karelian Isthmus
  • (1318) Peasants revolted against King
  • (1323) Sweden and Russia established border
  • (1332) Magnus Eriksson crowned King of Sweden and King of Norway
  • (1350's) Black Death killed one-third of population
  • (1397) Union of Kalmar united Sweden, Denmark and Norway under one monarch
1400s - 1500s
  • (1448) Karl Knutsson crowned King of Sweden and King of Norway
  • (1450) Danish King Kristian I convinced Norway to renounce King Knutsson
  • (1451) Danes attacked Sweden
  • (1465) King Knutsson forced to abdicate
  • (1467) Knutsson again crowned King of Sweden
  • (1495) Russians forces invaded Sweden
  • (1497) King Hans of Denmark and Norway attacked Sweden; King Hans declared King of Sweden
  • (1523) Gustav I (Gustav Vasa) crowned King; separated Swedish Crown from Kalmar Union
  • (1568) King Eric XIV deposed; John III named King
  • (1570) Peace of Stettin concluded; Denmark recognized independence of Sweden; Sweden gave up claim to Norway
  • (1617) Treaty of Stolbovo ended Swedish occupation of Northern Russia
  • (1628) Swedish warship Vasa sank in Stockholm harbor; 25 drowned
  • (1632) Swedish and Saxon army defeated Imperial forces; King Gustavus II died in battle
  • (1637) Swedish immigrants sailed to Delaware
  • (1651) Sweden seized territory of Estonia
  • (1653) Stockholm became capital of Sweden
  • (1654) Queen Christina abdicated throne; converted to Catholicism, later buried in Rome in St. Peters
  • (1685) King Charles II barred Jews from settling in Stockholm
  • (1698) King Charles II invaded Denmark; forced Danish King to sign Peace of Travendal
  • (1700 - 1721) Northern War occurred
  • (1721) Peace of Nystad ended Northern War
  • (1743) In Treaty of Abo, Sweden ceded southeast Finland to Russia
  • (1790) Swedish army captured one-third of Russian fleet at Battle of Svensksund
  • (1792) King Gustav III assassinated


  • (1809) Sweden declared independence; constitutional monarchy established; Russia took Aland Island group from Sweden
  • (1814) Denmark ceded Norway to Sweden
  • (1832) Gota Canal opened
  • (1852) Anti-Jewish riots broke out in Stockholm
  • (1866) Alfred Nobel invented dynamite
  • (1875) Denmark, Norway and Sweden adopted common basis of currency
  • (1879) Labor strike by workers in timber industry occurred, several thousand refused to work
  • (1897) World exposition held in Stockholm; first Swedish car built
  • (1901) First Nobel Prize awarded
  • (1905) Union of Norway and Sweden dissolved
  • (1914) World War I began, Sweden neutral
  • (1918) Sweden recognized Finland as independent state; Swedish naval expedition sent to Aland Islands to protect against Russians; Spanish flu epidemic killed 38,000 in Sweden
  • (1920) Sweden joined League of Nations
  • (1939) World War II began; Sweden neutral
  • (1940) Sweden forced to allow German troops to cross through Sweden to Norway; Sweden became refuge for Danes and Norwegians
  • (1941) Transit agreement with Germany cancelled
  • (1946) Sweden joined United Nations
  • (1952) Sweden founding member of Nordic Council
  • (1953) Swedish diplomat, Dag Hammarskjold, became secretary general of United Nations
  • (1959) Sweden became founding member of European Free Trade Association (EFTA)
  • (1971) Two-chamber parliament replaced by one chamber elected by representation
  • (1975) Constitutional reforms enacted; powers of monarch removed, office became ceremonial only
  • (1980's) Soviet submarines suspected of invading Swedish territorial waters; relations with Soviet Union deteriorated
  • (1986) Prime Minister Olof Palme assassinated
  • (1990) Parliament supported governmental decision to apply for membership in European Union
  • (1994) Voters narrowly approved EU membership
  • (1995) Sweden joined EU
  • (2000) Bridge and tunnel opened between Malmo, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark
  • (2001) 12,000 demonstrators in Goteborg set up flaming barricades to protest globalization
  • (2003) Foreign Minister Anna Lindh assassinated in Stockholm; referendum vote rejected Euro; power outage in southern Sweden and Denmark left 4 million without electricity
  • (2004) 543 Swedes died in Asian tsunami disaster
  • (2006) Bird flu discovered in Sweden; Foreign Minister Laila Freivalds resigned over shutting down website related to cartoons of Prophet Muhammad; Social Democrats lost elections ending 12 years of rule; Trade Minister, Maria Borelius, resigned over allegations of tax evasion
  • (2007) Winds whipped across southwestern Sweden, more than 100,000 lost power
  • (2009) Pirate Bay (file-sharing website) founders found guilty of breaking copyright law, sentenced to one year in jail, fined $4.5 Million
  • (2010) Two blasts in center of Stockholm killed one, injured others
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