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Swedish Symbols

Sweden's Information

Flag of Sweden
Land Area 410,335 km2
Water Area 39,960 km2
Total Area 450,295km2 (#55)
Population 9,880,604 (#89)
Population Density 24.08/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
GDP (PPP) $498.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $49,700
Currency Krona (SEK)
More Information Sweden
Largest Cities
  • Animal: Elk
  • Bird: Blackbird
  • Coat of Arms:

    Flag of Sweden The Lesser Coat of Arms is the one more frequently used in Sweden today.

    This colorful banner features three crowns of gold, two over one, topped by a bejeweled closed crown.

    The three crowns have been, in one way or another, an emblem of Sweden since 1336, then used as a familiar symbol of the "Three Wise Kings."

    An additional legend regarding its application is that King Magnus Eriksson (1319-64) adopted the three crowns to symbolize his title, "King of Norway, Sweden and all of Scania," - a southern province.
    Sweden greater coat of arms

    The Greater Coat of Arms represents Sweden's monarch, and is used on special occasions by the Government and by the Swedish Parliament.

    Developed in the 1440's as the seal of then King, Karl Knutsson Bonde, it's been used ever since.
  • Flag of Sweden
  • Motto: "For Sverige i tiden" "For Sweden – With the Times"
  • National Anthem: "Du Gamla, Du Fria" ("Thou Ancient, Thou Free"); with lyrics written by Richard Dybeck, Sweden's revered ballad writer. It is not the official (government sanctioned) national anthem (none exists), but rather a song that inspires national pride, and is sung at public festivals and sporting events.
  • Tree: Ornasbjork - a variety of Silver Birch
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