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Romanian Symbols

Map of Romania
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Romania's Information

Flag of Romania
Land Area 229,891 km2
Water Area 8,500 km2
Total Area 238,391 km2
Population 21,599,736
Population Density 90.61 / km2
Government Type Semi-Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $441.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $22,300
Currency Leu (RON)
Largest Cities
  • Bucharest (1,877,155)
  • Iasi (318,012)
  • Cluj-Napoca (316,748)
  • Timisoara (315,053)
  • Craiova (304,142)
  • Constanta (303,399)
  • Galati (294,087)
  • Brasov (276,088)
  • Ploiesti (228,851)
  • Braila (213,569)
  • Animal: Lynx
  • Bird: Great White Pelican
  • Coat of Arms:

    Flag of Romania

  • Coat of Arms: The main element in Romania's coat of arms is a golden eagle with a cross in its beak, a mace and sword in its talons, and a shield protecting its front.

    The five sections of the shield are representative of the five historical provinces of Romania, and each contains its traditional symbol. The eagle in the upper left corner is for Wallachia; the bull in the upper right for Moldavia; the lower middle dolphins for Dobrogea; the lion and bridge in the lower left section for Oltenia and Banat; finally, the black eagle, seven castles, a sun and moon in the lower right represent Transylvania.
  • Flag of Romania

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