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Macedonian Symbols

Macedonia's Information

Flag of Macedonia
Land Area 25,433 km2
Water Area 280 km2
Total Area 25,713km2 (#145)
Population 2,100,025 (#145)
Population Density 82.57/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Republic
GDP (PPP) $29.52 Billion
GDP Per Capita $14,500
Currency Denar (MKD)
Largest Cities
  • Animal: Lion, Lynx
  • Coat of Arms:

    Flag of Macedonia

  • Coat of Arms: Macedonia's current coat of arms, considered an emblem, was adopted on July 27, 1946.

    The emblem contains a mountain, lake and sunrise (representing the richness of the country and struggle for freedom) surrounded by garlands of wheat, tobacco leaves and poppy fruits.
  • Flag of Macedonia
  • Fish: Ohrid Trout
  • Flower: Poppy
  • Motto: "Today over Macedonia"
  • Tree: Macedonian Pine
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