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Yemeni Symbols

Map of Yemen
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Yemen's Information

Flag of Yemen
Land Area 527,968 km2
Water Area 0 km2
Total Area 527,968 km2
Population 27,392,779
Population Density 51.88 / km2
Government Type In Transition
GDP (PPP) $73.45 Billion
GDP Per Capita $2,500
Currency Rial (YER)
Largest Cities
  • Sanaa (1,937,451)
  • Al Hudaydah (617,871)
  • Ta`izz (615,222)
  • Aden (550,602)
  • Al Mukalla (258,132)
  • Ibb (234,837)
  • Dhamar (160,114)
  • 'Amran (90,792)
  • Sayyan (69,404)
  • Zabid (52,590)
  • Coat of Arms:

    Flag of Yemen

  • Coat of Arms: Yemen's coat of arms is composed of a golden eagle bearing a shield with the Marib Dam and a coffee plant.

    To the left and right of the eagle are Yemen national flags, and in the talons of the eagle is a scroll with the name of the country scripted in Arabic.
  • Flag of Yemen
  • Motto: "Allah, al-Watan, ath-Thawrah, al-Wahdah" ("God, Country, Revolution, Unity")

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