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Vietnamese Symbols

Map of Vietnam
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Vietnam's Information

Flag of Vietnam
Land Area 310,070 km2
Water Area 21,140 km2
Total Area 331,210 km2
Population 95,261,021
Population Density 287.62 / km2
Government Type Communist State
GDP (PPP) $595.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $6,400
Currency Dong (VND)
Largest Cities
  • Ho Chi Minh City (3,467,331)
  • Hanoi (1,431,270)
  • Da Nang (752,493)
  • Haiphong (602,695)
  • Bien Hoa (407,208)
  • Hue (287,217)
  • Nha Trang (283,441)
  • Can Tho (259,598)
  • Rach Gia (228,356)
  • Qui Nhon (210,338)
  • Animal: Tiger, Water Buffalo, Dragon
  • Coat of Arms:

    Flag of Vietnam

  • Coat of Arms: The national emblem of Vietnam was adopted on November 30, 1955, and features a circular red background and yellow star representing the Communist Party of Vietnam. A cog wheel makes up the border, and crops (representing agriculture and industrial labor) make up the base.
  • Flag of Vietnam
  • Flower: Red Lotus
  • Motto: "Independence – Freedom – Happiness"
  • Patron Saint: Ho Chi Minh
  • Tree: Bamboo, Rice

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