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Nigerien Symbols

Physical Map of Niger with state boundaries. It shows the physical features of Niger with relief, major mountain peaks, rivers, lakes, major cities, etc. sahara desert libya algeria mali chad cameroon nigeria benin togo burkina faso worldatlas.com worldatlas.com large niger map sahel
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Flag of Niger

Niger's Quick Facts

Land Area 1,266,700 km2
Water Area 300 km2
Total Area 1,267,000 km2
Population 18,638,600
Population Density 14.71 / km2
Government Type Semi-Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $20.15 Billion
GDP Per Capita $1,100
Currency Franc (XOF)
Largest Cities
  • Niamey (1,291,848)
  • Zinder (489,178)
  • Coat of Arms:
    Flag of Niger

  • Coat of Arms: Niger's coat of arms features a four-part flag draped in the national colors behind a white shield. The four golden symbols on the shield are a sun, crossed Tuareg swords, pearl millet heads, and the head of a zebu. A ribbon displaying the name of the country in French rests below.
  • Flag of Niger
  • Motto: "Fraternite, Travail, Progres" ("Fraternity, Work, Progress")

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