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Malagasy Symbols

Physical Map of Madagascar displaying state boundaries, relief, highest point, important cities, and major rivers. mozambique channel large madagascar map tropic of capricorn
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Madagascar's Quick Facts

Land Area 581,540 km2
Water Area 5,501 km2
Total Area 587,041 km2
Population 24,430,325
Population Density 41.62 / km2
Government Type Semi-Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $37.48 Billion
GDP Per Capita $1,500
Currency Ariary (MGA)
Largest Cities
  • Antananarivo (3,368,585)
  • Toamasina (434,398)
  • Antsirabe (355,832)
  • Animal: Ring Tailed Lemur
  • Flag of Madagascar
  • Coat of Arms: The national seal of Madagascar contains a map of the island set in a white circle with the head of a Zebu below and green and red rays emanating above (representative of the sun).
  • Flag of Madagascar
  • Motto: "Fitiavana, Tanindrazana, Fandrosoana" ("Love, Fatherland, Progress")
  • Tree: Baobab

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