The Indalsälven River in Sweden.

Indal River

The Indal River, also known as Indalsälven, is a mesmerizing stretch of water that runs along the glorious Swedish landscapes and flows through pristine valleys and woods, captivating all its visitors who can make the incomparable trip. The following information will explore this amazing river's geology, history, activities, and local wildlife, exposing a world of breathtaking natural sights and fascinating stories. Explore the Indal River's winding course as it flows through stunning settings, where the perfect balance of beauty and discovery is harbored along this body of water. Visit year-round, as Indalsälven has season-specific sights and adventures that will make a trip out here worth it no matter the weather conditions.

Geography Of The Indal River

The Indalsälven River in Sweden.

The Indal River runs across the picturesque western part of the Swedish province of Jämtland, weaving through the beautiful mountain range. After passing through Tngböleströmmen and Lake Gevsjön, it starts its trip from streams that branch off from Lake nnsjön. The Indal River then continues on until it merges with Gevsjöströmmen, a large river that begins at the Norwegian border. Once the Indal River reaches Lake Sternoren, it changes into Duvedsälven after passing through many key landmarks such as waterfalls and valleys. The river's course also includes charming towns and villages, offering breathtaking views of amazing landscapes and peaceful waters that capture the unique natural beauty of the surrounding region.


One of the many hydropower plants of Indalsälven.
One of the many hydropower plants of Indalsälven. Image credit: I, Hanjac, via Wikimedia Commons.

The Indal River is also a host to rich Scandinavian history; the settlements that have thrived along its banks for millennia are intricately entwined with Indalsälven's own history. The river has played a significant role in the lives of those who have lived in this area, as evidenced by the ancient villages and archaeological sites. The river has always been an important commercial route, allowing for manageable travel and for regional towns to connect. It has also been a reliable source of food and other goods villagers could harvest and use for trade. In more recent years, 26 hydroelectric power stations have been installed along the Indal River, securing its rank as Sweden's third largest river in electricity generation, harnessing its immense energy to significantly contribute to the country's power supply and aid the production of sustainable energy.

Things To Do

Fly-fishing is a popular recreational activity along the banks of the Indal River. 

Visitors have no shortage of options for activities along the Indal River, starting with exploring and appreciating the region's natural beauty. A great place to start is the Indalsälven Geopark, Sweden's second geopark as of 2022. Indalsälven Geopark offers tours and educational opportunities for visitors to learn about the geological sites, including magma, unique clay patterns, oddly-shaped boulders, and more. Take on some rapids on the Indal River and try out white water rafting, or explore the more peaceful, still waters on a kayak or canoe. Visitors also love to check out the beautiful waterfalls located around Åre. For a longer stay in a city, visitors can pick from either end of the river in Sundsvall or Östersund, both beautiful cities with plenty of activities to keep busy.


The Indal River has an abundance of wildlife; a wide variety of fauna can be seen in the landscapes encasing the river. Bird watchers are forewarned to bring their best binoculars to take in the large number of bird species, including eagles, ospreys, and different ducks, who have made homes in the forestry along the riverbanks. Beavers, otters, and deer are often spotted nearby, while elusive predators like lynxes and wolverines can be seen silently moving through the surrounding forest. Its clear waterways are filled with different fish species, including salmon, trout, and grayling. The diverse ecosystems found in and along the Indal River are one of the many enriching factors that bring in visitors.

Sweden's Indal River is a beautiful natural treasure, winding and flowing through stunning scenery and capturing hearts with its serenity and inspiring beauty. Visitors have a wide range of activities along this amazing body of water, which originates in the Swedish mountain range and flows all the way to the Gulf of Bothnia. The Indal River offers a memorable experience, whether the objective of the getaway is for outdoor adventures, a quiet escape, or a chance to explore and observe nature. Enjoy the rich history, discover the local activities, and appreciate the tranquility of nature as you travel along the riverbanks. The peaceful waters – and tumultuous rapids – of the Indal River encourage visitors to explore it and make lifelong memories.


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